Ricky Foley cut

Surprised no one posted this, pretty big news.

Foley supposed to be due a roster bonus today but did chose not to renegotiate his contract.

I think he is a natural fit in Hamilton to bolster the Canadian DEs that they already have on the roster.

He refused backup money in his beloved Toronto but will take backup money in Hamilton or Ottawa. CFL is a weird animal...

Ooops!! another Ticat fan who's never "really watched" Foley play the last couple of years. Totally washed up, but he's a really great "talker".

Hamilton already has two studs starting at DE in John Chick and Adrian Tracy (both Americans) . I'm not sure where you got the plural from when it comes to Canadian DEs already on the roster . The only Canadian DE the Cats have on the roster is Justin Capiccotti . You are probably thinking DT instead where it's looking like the Cats will employ 2 Canadians this year as starters in Ted Laurent and Michael Atkinson . So in reality the answer to your " natural fit in Hamilton" scenario would be a NO not needed in Hamilton at this time. Besides let's face it Foley was absolutely invisible most nights last year in Toronto and his play the last few seasons has been mediocre at the best of times . His days of being an every down player are long gone . He may show up somewhere this season as a mid season emergency replacement signing due to an injury but in reality I honestly think that after 11 seasons in the league it's over for Ricky Foley . Yup , I think it might be time to call it a day for Area -51 's little bro and it could be time to hang up those cleats and look back on his 3 Cup wins with 3 different teams and his very successful career in the CFL and call it a day .

Personally as I already mentioned in the Burris-TSN thread I think that Foley would be a terrific addition to the TSN panel on game days. The panel is made up entirely of ex Offensive players . At this time there are no current panellists from the Defensive side of the ball and Foley with his outgoing personality I think could fill that void without a problem. And besides as already mentioned by fellow Cat fan mightypope , Foley is a really great "talker" which would make him a natural fit with the other Talking Heads that currently make up the game day panel.

All the TSN panellists have big followings - I suspect the biggest is Dunigan with Milt a close 2nd, perhaps time for either Jockstrap or Big Chris to step into another role.

Foley would be a great add as a panelist w/ intentions of getting him some color analysis stuff.

However, TSN had the chance to bring Big Bubba Brown aboard after he retired a few years back - Brown was either seen as incompetent (he wasn't), too verbose and intellectual (he was) or kind of ungodly looking - a 6'8", 300 body, with a baby's face mounted on top! :cowboy:

I think he is still a good asset on a rotational basis. He can be an effective player, but if he cares to continue playing he has to accept that he is no longer a premier player, but can be a valued contributor. I think he would be great on TSN.

I concur. Though I never watch the panel so I can't comment on that part.

Be interesting to watch and see if he signs with anyone before TC, if not, like another poster said he may be one of those guys who gets the call after the start of the season.

I wonder how strong his desire to keep playing is? [rhetorical question]

Nothing to do with Foley....

However, as a former business owner here's my take.

You do NOT ever fire an employee via the telephone, let alone email/text or any other impersonal way.

Its just a lousy way to do business, especially if you want to be a long term successful and respected business owner/person.

If for some reason the person in question is not responding to the request for a meeting, then send a registered letter, or couriered letter that requires a signature, which allows enough time to terminate the employee, prior to any bonuses, or other compensations that are to be avoided.

But the bottom line is as a BOSS, be smart enough to plan AHEAD, and do these type of personal transactions in person.

It really does benefit both parties in the long run.

The Argo's, and Zimmerman especially need to learn this lesson.

Rumor is that they had discussed a salary cut a few times and that they straight up told him that one needed to happen...but then leading to his bonus day they attempted contacting him all day and he would not respond...if that is true then he left them little choice in the matter and he knew there was a good chance it was coming which may mean he was avoiding answering hoping that if he didn't respond it would blow over and they would miss the deadline and it would be past history. Only the player side is coming out...which is pretty normal with modern social media. Respect works both ways...pick up the call and say "I am not taking a cut" and let them do what they will. Understandable why he thought avoidance might squeak him through...but he was wrong...at which time they have been ignored long enough that they were left with no choice. They could have faxed a letter to his agent and not said a word to him but the fact they texted him leads me to believe that the rumor they attempted getting in touch with him is true....otherwise they would have simply filed. Perhaps if he had answered they could have talked and it wouldn't have happened...but to me it sounds like he knew it was and is now playing social media games in the aftermath

It's probably a lot more common in professional sports to release someone over the phone, especially during the off season as a lot of guys don't stay in that city year round. I don't really have any concerns if that's how it was handled. If Foley lives in Toronto in the off season than it may be different.

Although natural curiosity gets the better of us, a person can refuse to pickup their register letter or answer the door for the courier.

I agree that management should be on top of these decisions they have to make a few weeks before they get in a time crunch.

These things happen all the time with every team...they generally result in the player being let go last minute because they have tried to renegotiate or are hoping something either works out between both sides of in a trade...not because they sat on their butts until the last minute.

Here is my take on this whole thing. the team should always notify the player's representative in regards to contracts. Popp knew who Foley's agent was yet they kept trying to reach the player directly (their version). This looks like a team that was trying to circumvent the player's agent.

most players and teams talk direct and then at some point the agent comes in to finalize things....players in this league that don't negotiate directly on some level don't generally last long with their team...just the way it is. It is almost assured his agent was informed of release prior to Foley though

Last time Popp negotiated with Hardaway was to cut Henoc's paycheck.

Here's my little take on the Foley Affair:

Always had great respect for Player Rickey (after some rough edges were removed after his rookie & sophomore seasons) and his brother Area51 Foley - one of the greatest posters in the history of CFL posting. However, he did a bit too much mild-mannered but incisive tormenting of moderators (particularly that glass-eyed squirrel who runs riderfans) and was subsequently banned for life. I know the feeling - when you get banned by make believe fascists and reich upholders its kinda a badge of honour.


  1. Rickey was owed a time payment - and it probably wasn't nuisance money - perhaps anywhere from $12,500 to $30k

  2. Popp and the new regime saw the bonus on the calendar and combined with trying to write down Rickey's contract (by at least the amount of the bonus) and failing they decided to cut the player and save the bonus cash.

  3. Knowing this was swirling around in argo-ville Rickey could easily have played a game of cat 'n mouse with Argo management

  4. Even sending a thing to Rickey's agent might not have been enough as the deadline loomed. Rickey could have easily said he let his agent go the week before - and the bonus may have been enforced.

  5. So, being unable to find Rickey live - they simply left a text and left him layin'

Don't blame either party - Ricky wanted to be unavailable in order to hammer home the bonus. Popp needed to verify contact to nullify/cancel the bonus. Both were doing their jobs. Wonder what happens if Rickey says he changed his number? Gorsuck time? :cowboy:

  1. They straight up told him that he was not going to be an every down starter

  2. They DID talk to his agent in advance and let him know when they could not get a hold Foley.

Foley tweeting that he has landed somewhere. The where is really hard to figure out though for an aging, somewhat expensive National DE.

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