Ricky Collins Jr released, INT LB signed


"The Tiger-Cats also announced Tuesday that the following player has been released:
INT – WR – Ricky Collins Jr."

Signed by TOR in 3-2-1... ::slight_smile:

We gave up McAdoo and a 6th for Collins and a 7th. :-[

Correct me if I am wrong. Was Collins brought to the Hammer in a trade or as a free agent ? Hard to belive he couldn't crack the roster with the current international receiving core. Just wondering if this was Austin's decision or June Jones.

Is this a good thing or a bad thing? We seem to have lots of linebackers, a bit thin on WRs? But then, I haven't checked the roster.

I'm kind of surprised we didn't bring in more NFL cuts. Usually they bring in 10 new guys at this time of year.


And ... maybe the current guys are better.

and shorter :slight_smile:

Would have been nice to see him in action.

I was thinking the same thing. Oh well is isn't going to happen now. June's prefers speed over size. I prefer a combination of both and great catching ability.

The HAM/SSK trade, that brought Ricky Collins here, was announced on Aug. 18th, 16 days after Jones was named Assistant H.C., and 6 days before Austin gave up the position and Jones was named H.C.
Collins was a TiCat, at least as a P.R. player, for 3 weeks longer than McAdoo was with SSK.

Geez ..Ticats continue to release quality players
Ricky Collins jr could have been our best receiver ....We gave up a good pass rusher to get him from sask
This team continue to make bonehead moves.

I have no faith in how they will handle the Collaros situation or the Johnny Manziel situation .
A smart guy like jim Popp would get full value for whomever he lets go
Right now we are running with Masoli who is without a doubt a backup qb and he is a free aqent next year
Not a smart move for next year to be doing this . I was hoping when fantuz and laurent got healthy we could see Collins Jr . If tasker, banks, or saunders goes down now we are screwed as we have very little depth at receiver and real quality

We also have no pass rush from our defensive ends ...in Tracy and Cappiccioti . If we want to compete with good teams we need an upgrade hear asap . Going into the Argos game against Ray with no pass rush from our Ends is very concerning as Ray can pick apart any defence if he is not under pressure . if we blitz he can toss the ball the guy that was to be guarded by the blitzer.

I am very frustrated as this team does not seem committed to improve to become a winning team .
Giving up Chick was a premature dumb move looking back now that we are back in the race for a playoff spot . We sure could have used Tyms, Will Hill , and Collins Jr .
We are also on thin ice with our oline as our only backup national is an unproved landon Rice who would not be a productive player if one of three went down.

We also have not brought in many nfl cuts . Teams like Edmonton , SASK , BC have all added quality NFL cuts and we are have more needs than them . How does Edmonton get to add all stars Chick , Derell Waker and db Aaron Grymes without going over the cap as they all would command a high salary being proven all stars and the Ticats are more or less cutting quality players . We have to be way under the cap with the trade of Chick and the release of Tyms, Collins JR, Dyakowski, Will Hill.

I just noticed that Edmonton released Getzlaf a good national receiver. I think we should pounce on that as this has been one of our greatest weaknesses all year and other years ..Fantuz may not be in great game shape when he does return and he is getting older and very very injury prone. Speed is not FANTUz's game and with a knee injury like Collaros had it's just going to make him that much slower .

Last time a name like McAdoo was back in the 90s?? A running back, who was actually quite good, but lasted only a few years.
Those that remember - pls refresh my memory....

The Eagle - 8) 8) 8)

Hate to say it, but, been there, done that. Getzlaf played in Hamilton years ago, and like Giguere was one of those all speed, no hands guys. I think he dramatically improved while with the Riders, but I don't see him as an improvement over Baines or Chambers.

Getzlaf would be an improvement over Baines and Chambers in my opinion just look at his career stats compared to Chambers...Baines has done nothing really and he dropped a pass right in his hands last game so I don't know where you are getting your information from on BAINES . I know he played well in University as was an eastern all star but he is not as good as Getzlaf.. Getzlaf is 34 and has had multiple 1,000 yard seasons in this league and a couple near and above 900 yard seasons . He is a veteran who knows the CFL game and knows how to get open and can catch and also has played many years with Andy Fantuz which is a good team thing. Andy is 33 but very injury prone and returning from a very serious knee injury much like Collaros. It makes sense to sign Getzlaf who was not being used that much by edmonton as an insurance policy for Fantuz . This was , when Fantuz comes back we could potentially start 2 canadian quality receivers and then have 2 import Defensive End to improve our pass rush

Always good for a laugh.

We may not see McAdoo or Collins in action this year, but no doubt that's because their agents are busy dealing with the multi-team bidding wars for these two all-star calibre players.

Mike McAdoo...good pass rusher?? Well go sign him then. He is a FA.

A smart guy like jim Popp would get full value for whomever he lets go. Just like when he got a 4th round draft pick for Chad Owens, or when he tradedBomben to us for Ruby & Bodanis. Heck he is so smart he traded a 1st for backup QB Adams.

Our without a doubt backup has gone 3-1 with a previously winless team.

You keep bringing up Chick. HE HAS BEEN HORRIBLE this season. Will Hill would leave practice when he was done and not when the practice was over. Just walk off the field.

Sure grab Getzlaf as a 3rd string National receiver. He wouldn't hurt.

Blackandgold....I fully concur with your rebuttal.
It’s easy to criticize. It’s easy to be a couch GM. Not mentioning any names for fear of hurting his feelings and being accused of attacking him/her. Thanks for this. ??

I believe that would have been Derek McAdoo. I actually got his autograph when I traveled to Regina to watch the Cats.

Oh Gerbear, where do I start??

Ricky Collins still hasn't fully recovered from his shoulder injury incurred this season so I guess it was a "bonehead" move to cut him loose.

Chick is just "dominating" on the D-line now that he is with the Eskimos. ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile:

Hey, why don't we forget Getzlaf and try and talk Ben Cahoon out of retirement to play with us. He was a "really good" Canadian receiver with the Als.

probably should have said "really good" "canadian" receiver