Ricky Bell

Do you think the Riders should go after Ricky Bell, who was recently cut by the Esks. Would he help our secondary or do we have someone better than him.

No... No... yes

Frazier, Davis, Robinson, Johnson, Justin, Dokes, Lucas; we are set to go...

Davis, although some 'rider fans trash him at times he certainly has the respect of the rest of the league. Robinson played like he belonged on the team full time last year. Johnson did the job fine after Curry was dumped. Frazier, Justin and Dokes are looking good in camp. Dokes is probably the best rookie in camp. Lucas looked good last camp.
And we have Richie Hall, who is the best defensive co-ordinator in the league running the show. We are set.

Let the games begin.

Eddie Davis is still one of the best. No doubt.

I'm confident that Richie will mold these young guys into proven defensive backs, just like he has in the past.

Richie Hall is the man. Tillman and Austin's most valuable resigning was Ritchie Hall in my opinion. And I love Eddie Davis. I think Johnson and Robinson will make good DB's.