Ricky Bell has arrived!

The Rick James of the CFL Mr. Ricky Bell has arrived at the Als training camp. :o

Yup, I saw him yesterday at TC, doing his "medical", 1 trainer didn't looked too impress when he came out, as he told him to "get in line" !


Merci, C'est comme y etre en personne


damn I miss him...Rick James that is....

...it won't be long till Bell wants his contract re-negotiated :lol: ...and if ALS....won't go down that road...i guess they'll have to consult with Taman on how to handle the situation.....as this picture looks all too familiar...good luck with him Popp...lol..

Don't worry for Popp, media reports states today that Bell & Popp had a long on-field conversation yesterday .

Popp doesn't get pushed around by his players, he usually trades them, or "make the leave".

Since Bell is already in the "doghouse", I expect the same "treatment" they did on A.Curry last year !

Looks like Ricky will have to find a job elsewhere !

XGamer has it right. Once you get into the Don's doghouse, you don't get out until traded or released. Curry was a good example of that last year, Bell will be this year.

Guys, this is not good news. Because if Bell is in the doghouse, that opens the door for Crutchfield.

Unless Clint Kent keeps on impressing the Don...

3rd... don't you HATE Cruthfield? We wanted him traded no?

Yes, I hate Crutchfield. And this is why I say it is NOT a good news to have Bell get the Curry-treatment.

Its ok Chip Cox will be Rookie of the year...its all good...

Thing is, I heard that Cox was doin gfreat a week ago but hes NOT on the roster anymore!

Whats up with that?

Havent seen his name on the roster for the past few days, was wondering about him myself as we heard good things the first few days.