Rickey Williams becomes argo

The Argonauts have called an afternoon news conference to announce the signing of suspended Miami Dolphins running back Ricky Williams, a league source requesting anonymity told The Canadian Press. Williams was recently suspended by the NFL for the entire 2006 season after a fourth positive drug test. He missed Miami's first four games last year following his third positive test.

i bet he'll get suspended again in the CFL lol

My only concern with Williams is that he up and left the Dolphins after they built their team around him.No notice :o , start of the year and Gandi.(or ganja :roll: ). There shouldnt be a problem with Ricky in the CFL. If he does quit, well … GOODBYE!! The Lions should give out Dreadlock wigs :rockin: to the first 10,000 fans. …I guess I’ll have to wear my own June 20 :thup:

Bet Williams can't wait to come visit BC

It won't matter. He has not played well for 3 years, I don't think he will make a big impact in the CFL :cowboy:

He didn't yesterday against Hamilton.

He'll have an impact. At the very least it says something about the CFL's standards. Have a drug problem? Come on down and strap on the pads. The CFL should have said "NO THANKS", pothead.