Rickey Ray

do they start Ray if he is good to go?

I feel they have to, Harris had 2 chances to beat us and couldn't.

I personally don't think Ray can beat us either. he's not mobile enough anymore for this defence and will get hurt.

Hamilton wins by however they wish too tonight

From interviews with Ricky Ray himself as well as others close to the Argos last week when he was activated, sounded like he is 100% on throws up to 30 yards but not quite there for throws 30 yards plus.

I think Toronto is pleasantly surprised to be 6-4 through the first 10 games without Ricky and playing really only 2 home games so far this season. 6 of their remaining 8 games are at home. They're a game up on Ottawa. Two up on Montreal. But in actual sense they're 2 back of Hamilton since TiCats won the tie-breaker already. Realistically they're playing to solidify 2nd place and hit the playoffs healthy and coming together.

No need to rush RR back until he's 100% in all areas as far as I'm concerned.

I agree no point in starting RR if he is not healthy. I think they would had he been healthy though, they really need to win this game.

He's just not ready.

Argos QB Ricky Ray still not ready

I'm not sure if I believe that though.

If Ray plays at all this year it will be late in the season. I wouldn't be surprised if the Argos traded him either. They have to decide between Harris or Ray because one of them will be gone next year and I don't think the Argos can afford to lose two good young quarterbacks (Collaros and Harris) to keep Ray around.

Ricky Who? Oh yah Ricky Ray the 2012 Arblow - Grey Cup Champ and past MOP, I hear his arm isn't ready yet?

Apparently he's throwing lots of wobbly ducks in practice instead of straight on target passes?

I think it will be Trevor Harris yet still for another couple of games until Ray's arm and shoulder get stronger and from what I hear in Argo land. Now if Trevor Harris has a bad game tonight against the Ti-Cats we could see Ray but probably would be McPherson as back up.

I agree with regards to trading Ray down the road, I think it's pretty obvious that Harris is the present/future of the Argo's due to age and playing ability.


I could see Wally Buono making a trade for Ricky Ray, Lulay is losing his lustre in that market.
Attendance is down, a big name QB like Ricky Ray could spark interest in the club again.
TOR could move Ray back to the West and clear a ton of Cap Space for next season

THAT trade may very well NOT pass the "sniff test"...

Ottawa might want Ray. Burriss isn't getting any younger. Argos need to get something for him. It's obvious Harris is the future.

An Argo-Cat fan

All this sounds very familiar. There were people on this forum (including me) who wanted to keep Burris for another year until Dan LeFevour got more experience.
Good thing Kent Austin did not take my free advice! :lol:

The Arholes and the league need Harris to be great imo. He can be the face of the league, he's young he's talented and according to the wife he is attractive.. Which makes me reconsider my wedding vows but whatever.

It was a good thing Harris was playing. Tracey and the gang would of ended Rays career last night!!

Trawna has an interesting schedule ahead in which to make the choice on the starting QB. After their 3rd loss to HAM, they play next in OTT 15 days later, then play OTT at home 10 days after that. TOR rests while OTT hosts MTL 5 days before playing in TOR. Then TOR plays in MTL 6 days after hosting OTT. All of those games will be major in the battle for playoff spots.

Where did you read he's throwing lots of ducks in practice?

Will be in a Hall of Fame, but he is done.
In fact I was saying two years ago how my Argos should sign Zach at the end of the year and trade RR, then to either the new Ottawa team or the Peg.
How did that work out for us and especially for you guys?

Personally, I'm quite happy with how the Argos have handled it.

I wonder if there's a way for them to botch the situation so badly this year that neither Ray nor Harris return? (Although Ray has never been one to hop teams in free agency.)