Rick Zamperin calls out Ticats Fans !!

The Zamp Rant

Seems like Rick is fed up with Ticats Fans, click on March 6th and listen for your self :thup: Well Done Rick, its about time someone in the Hamilton media stepped up and called a spade a spade :thup:


Listen to what players and management have to say about playing in Guelph

[url=http://www.900chml.com/Channels/Reg/NewsLocalGeneral/Story.aspx?ID=1905355]http://www.900chml.com/Channels/Reg/New ... ID=1905355[/url]

Oh well, if Rick Zamperin is calling me out, I gotta go now. :roll:

The only tricky game is Thanksgiving, so I'm doing the full season.

As a Ticat fan, i'm not ashamed to admit that many other Ticat fans irritate the hell out of me.There's having an opinion and there's being a person who finds joy in seeking out the negative in anything and making a huge fuss.There's no patience or faith here anymore and i'm sick of the old "you can't blame us, we pay and we're tired of seeing a losing product." Fair.But when you keep using that line as a safety net for your obnoxious, over the top attacks on the team you supposedly love and everything in it...
My biggest pet peeve this year is the whole Guelph deal and everybody acting like it's the Ticats fault. (sort of like they did with the stadium location issue)Mac said no.The Ticat's tried.Get over it.You call yourself a fan but in another breathe, it's "i'm not going to Guelph to support the Guelph Tiger-Cats, i'm not watching it on TV, it's just not fair, wah wah wah wah wah :cry: "
Just to be clear, i'm not one of those people that shows blind love for the team and slaps high fives at every single move they make, but at the same time i'm willing to show a little faith and dig deeper and do some research on every move we make.If it doesn't work out, fine that's football.Bottom line is no matter what happens the Ticats are my team and I wouldn't have it any other way.I've been through the rough years too, I remember getting laughed at and made fun of on a regular basis for sporting Ticats gear during their losing years.And now these same people are so called "fans" ever since their resurgence in '09.

My point is this.Lighten up.It's sports.It's your team.If you're that much on the edge of not watching or supporting this team anymore, then please don't let the door hit you on the way out.It'll be much quieter and a better environment without that nagging and whining.

Steve Milton and Drew Edwards have some very interesting comments about the Ticats playing in Guelph :thup:

Click below to watch the video


I like the first line of the Drews article, this seems to be trending !

This has to be one of the most fair and sensible perspectives I have ever read on this board.

I have always respected you 15_championships and you just reminded me why.

I don't get posts like that. They're full of broad generalizations. This Ti-Cats board, Ti-Cat fandom and life in general is full of individuals with an infinite range of opinions and sensibilities. Never will everyone agree. Who are these "same fans" that he speaks of? I have no idea. There are many I agree with, disagree with, and some that I don't understand.

Coming here to exchange opinions, and engage in discussions is pointless if everyone agrees all the time.

An endless string of senseless complaints is not a differing opinion.

Many (not all) Ticat fans have a very inflated sense of entitlement and if everything doesn't fit the perfect delusion in their head of how they think things should be they pull a hissy fit.

Complaining about something you have no control over is like having a migraine headache and punching yourself in the head. Anyone who thinks something outside of their control is supposed to suit their every desire is a very sad and confused soul.

With all due respect, I have no idea who you are talking about (which is my point).

The thread is about Zamperin's rant about nagging Ticats fans. That is what I am talking about. I am writing in the language we've all agreed on.

Is it that you're used to complaining and ranting and don't know how to comprehend a logical thought?

(Spock is the logical one.)

About as logical as complaining about complainers.

I agree there's a lot of complaining on this board. I don't pay close enough attention to it to be able to recall which poster made which complaint about which particular item on which occasion. And I'm not interested nearly enough to go back into the threads to search out the data to demonstrate all of that and call someone out.

Of course those who have complaints are entitled to express their opinions, just like everyone else. But as Hubert Humphrey once said, "The right to be heard does not automatically include the right to be taken seriously". I imagine the team ignores the silliest of the rants, and pays attention to the ones they think have merit and can be acted on. Complaining about complainers is indeed a fruitless exercise.

BTW, nice video with Drew and Steve Milton. Lots to be happy about.

I think that the Ticats would rather have people who complain than people who don't give a crap at all. Having said that, it can be really annoying. I will be buying a 5 pack because the full season isn't really realistic for me due to my boyfriend's work schedule and stuff. It was a stretch making it to some of the Hamilton games for him so Guelph is out for some, but I never would have given up on the team. That is just ridiculous. Sounds like the excuse of a fair weather fan to me. I would have watched on TV as I do with all away games. I don't think the Ticats are totally blameless for the whole stadium debacle, but to me it is irrelevant now. We are in the situation we are in and it's not going to change my support for the team at all. If people don't want to watch then they can stay off the bandwagon when we win the GC :lol: I choose to make the best of it.

For the record - I love rants. As long as you tune out what the rant is about, a good rant, whether by Rick Zamperin or Rick Mercer, is always entertaining.

On the other hand Zamperin was ranting about a couple of negative tweets about the Ticats schedule. To get upset about a couple of tweets and then imply the attitude in those tweets was shared by most, or even a significant number of Ticat fans is not accurate.

But as above - never let the facts stand in the way of a good rant. Especially when it is already March and there are still two feet of snow on the ground!

Very, very true!

Lets be fair, Bob. In your situation as owner you really don't even have the option to say that you think some fans are down rights whiny nags . That would be PR suicide.

This is why fans like me exists to say the things we all think but only (non-nagging) fans can say. :slight_smile: You don't have to admit to it.

As a fan and one who follows the Ticats in the media I know you have truly looked out for the overall well being of the team and the fans. I know that you did all you could to play in Hamilton for 2013 and every opportunity was plucked away. Anyone complaining about Guelph is either ignorant to the facts or thinks the teams exists to suit their personal desires. Either way you or the team are NOT in the wrong. You guys did the best you could and any sensible person capable of realistic perspective knows that.

As a Ticat fan and OpenBSD cluster developer you have done great things for two very important aspects in my life. The seeds that RedHat laid in the 90's really helped the open source world to the extent that it even helped push the BSD direct support market forward. I know others did direct support before RedHat but you guys showed everyone how it should be done. You also put a sock in the mouths of all those who before that had claimed there would never be money to be made off free technology. I am currently involved in a direct support project with a research lab here in Van that has a massive 86 system cluster of older Power Mac G4. They want their own cluster software for OpenBSD PowerPC so I am providing this. Sorry for the off topic run on... :slight_smile:

Meanwhile, back in Guelph..... :smiley:

What I've noticed over the years is that in pretty much every team's fan forum you have chronic complaining and bickering. Not just the CFL either. The behaviour is the same in the NFL forums as well as for other sports leagues. It's just a by-product of what happens when passionate fans get together to discuss they're favourite team.

Great post, ill be in Guelph and TO for hopefully every Cats game this year and it should be a great time.

Wow, talk about “off topic”!!!
What scares me, as an old typewriter salesman, is I know what " cluster software for OpenBSD PowerPC" actually means.

Zenstate, We should try to connect for a beer before or after one of the games. I’d normally not make this invitation in public due to the risk of so many people showing up I’d run out of beer money. But given that we’ll be talking LAMP, GNU vs BSD licenses, advantages of C over higher level languages, compilers and the trends of moving applications from in-house equipment to the cloud, I suspect we’ll have the place to ourselves. :wink:

I rarely make it to Ontario but if you ever come to BC for a game just send me a PM and we should be able to make it work. I am self employed so my schedule is normally very flexible. I also plan my CFL season around the one game I get to see live per year here in Van. On occasion I grab a cheap flight to Edmonton or Calgary for a Ticat game also.

Speaking of code… I’m big on C and Ruby.

I don’t drink but I can just have a coffee :slight_smile:

the only foroum i seen where people agreed to dis agree but all where on the same page was stompin toms passing on tsn after that its all fair game