Rick Worman....dumped by esks.

...I can think of worse ocs....one definitely now employed by the BigBlue.lol.....i think he should be brought in to take up the oc duties....he's had pretty good success in edm. and knows Kelly fairly well.....Could be the answer for now....His type of game fits Ray ..I also realize we don't have a Ricky on our team...BUT we'll settle for a Rick for now (worman)..... :wink:I hope he gets a shot here...

Very sad!!! Was just thinking the other day how cool it was That Rick had a job in the CFL! He was one of our very few Canuck QBs right? Rick Vavra or something like that? was the other last Canuck QB I can recall, didnt they both play for Calgary?

Friend of yours ?

Pretty sure somebody has their wires crossed.

Worman was the OC in Wpg in 2001, 14 - 4 ring a bell ?

He left for a HC gig in the AFL or somesuch.

We could use him again, suppose he and Kelly must have talked last year.

....You're correct pigseye....Worman was in fact the oc in 01....I believe you are right also bout the Kelly/Worman talks....He was probably all set to leave with Kelly ...HOWEVER...Dancing Danny probably wanted to see Rick stay through the transistion of new head/coach Hall ...Strasser was going to be the guy in any event for the schmoes...It just took awhile for Worman to ....let's say....be relieved of his duties....All of this, is far from saying, we have a new oc yet....but you just never know :wink:

No, Rick Worman is a American. Greg Vavra had a few starts with the Stamps in the mid 80's .

After todays debacle, I expect we will see him sooner rather than later. If not, I may have to join the housedog choir.