"Rick" Ray?

Do you think that Ricky Ray's friends and family call him "Ricky"? Isn't that kind of a ridiculous name for a grown man?

Not any more ridiculous than "Nealon" or "Spurgeon" or "Tee"


i think we should start wynn and change his name to sturgeon for a local flare. and tee's last name should be changed to Party.

I think it would be up to him to deside what it wants to be called.

While we are taking about names
If Ella Fitzgerald maried Darth Vader
would she change her name to
Ella Vader

i wonder if hisa family calls him Richard Ray

haha tee party

Maybe he has one of those dads who tries really hard to sound cool, and he calls him something like "Champ" or "Big Shooter"

Let's see there was Mickey Mantle, Howie Meeker, Johnny Carson, Zippity - do-da, Bobby Hull, Gordie Howe, Wally Buono,Rocky DiPietro, Jackie Parker,Kenny Ploen, Lui Passaglia, Hughie Campbell, Dopey Maas, Pee-Wee Herman, Wee Willie Winky----what is your point????!. We even had Yogi Berra. Nicknames sometimes add colour. Leave poor Ricky alone. Although adding Chrissy Walby, Pinbally Clemons, Troyyipee Westwood, Paulie McCallum would be ridiculous.

cfl rules!

troyipee is a keeper

thanks BlackIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CFL Rules