Rick Ray`s status

O'Brien makes more sense than Burriss at this point. After all, Burriss has a big two wins this season. The Redblacks need to see what they have in O'Brien for 2015.

Milanovich says the team is preparing as if Harris will be under center. The Argos will sink or swim with their backup on Friday.

An Argo-Cat fan

Burris starts - if they're winning or close he stays and OBrien is brought in sparringly. As demonstrated on Sun. TOR's defense isnt great against the pass or run and Johnson will be motivated- kept on the field all night because of Ray-less offense they are made even more vulnerable

Without Ray this game may not be a gimme that was previously apparent.

In the KW Record this AM RRay out for the game.

In the KW Record this AM RRay out for the game.

I heard concussion mentioned as well and he's out for Friday's game against Ottawa, Trevor Harris back up will play according to Milanovich.

Cant say I agree with this Dork. Think about the years the Cats were absolutely HORRIBLE. This place would be filled with people asking why the heck we're starting McManus when we want to give reps to the backups. Game means nothing for Ottawa at all, they've been in evaluation mode for weeks and nothing says Burris will or wont be back next year.
I have no problem with them playing OBrien for the entire game if they actually believe he can be the future.

Beating the Arblows and knocking them out of the playoffs, will end a frustrating season on a real positive note.
OTT is starved for a win! It would mean a lot to season ticket holders, corporate investors and most of all, the players.
Believe me, OTT will want to win this game, Remember, they have beat them once before!


Wow, so the REDBLACKS could win the season series against the @rblows? I like it!!!

Oskee wee wee!!!

Ricky Ray is out, he is not going to dress
Here is the depth chart

[url=http://cfl.uploads.mrx.ca/league/pdf/en/depth/2014/2014_RegSeasonGame18vsOTT_Nov7112738.pdf]http://cfl.uploads.mrx.ca/league/pdf/en ... 112738.pdf[/url]

BEAUTIFUL :smiley: :thup: :thup: Gee that's a shame :wink: I also see that they've torn a page out of Austin's old depth chart mantra and are only dressing 1 Running Back for this game. They better hope that Slaton doesn't pull a Gable and get injured or it could be a long day for the team from Trawna. :smiley:

GO REDBLACKS GO !!!!!! Do us all a favour and sink this ship tomorrow night :rockin: :rockin: :smiley:

Ray out and only 1 RB

It's been said that Ray and Burris have been the only QBs to start every game up to this poin in the season. Now with Ray out of the picture, Burris has the opportunity to claim the Ironman title, as the oldest QB in the league.

I implore Ottawa coaching staff to give Hank this well-deserved opportunity. Let him start. Let him play. Let him win!