Rick Ray`s status

Ok dont jump on me for a non Ticat thread BUT this could affect us. Has anyone heard the status of RR for Friday. The outcome of that game could have mean a lot to our immediate playoff plans. If Ray cant go and Good Hanks shows up.............
This is the CFL anything can happen......Just sayin.......
Upset coming in Argo Land I can sense it...... LOL

Argos practice tomorrow, I'm sure we will find out then !

Toronto Sun is reporting concussion, so I would think he's out if that is the case.

[url=http://www.torontosun.com/2014/11/02/argos-drop-critical-game-against-alouettes]http://www.torontosun.com/2014/11/02/ar ... -alouettes[/url]

I wouldn't be surprised if Ray plays even if he has a concussion and the team advises against it. If Ray doesn't play, the Argos lose. Trevor Harris will struggle mightily against the tough Redblacks D. This game is the season for the Argos, and Ray will know that.

No way Ray plays if he has a concussion. No way the blows or the CFL takes a chance on his health

If RR is concussed he will not play. With all the issues and legal action around concussions in Pro sports and a current litigation going on against the CFL by ABT and company it would be legal suicide to let him play. Braley is to smart to let that happen.
There only hope would be first beating the RedBlacks without Ray that will be more of a challenge.
Then cheer like hell for the Als.

i think hes married TS, sorry


I say they shouldn't risk his health. They need to sit him even if he isn't concussed just as a precaution :wink:

I totally agree. Ricky needs to take care of his health.

Henry, on the other hand, needs to put it all on the line - like there's no tomorrow.

Arash Madani tweets that Ray is going through concussion protocol and the Argo's are prepping for Harris to be the starter

They have no choice. Harris should do well but he will need his team to play smart and make plays.

Nope. They need the 2che to play at his 2chiest, Mann to throw his temper tantrums, ans Slaton to develop a case of fumblitis. Without The Blue Blob on the sidelines, the refs will not know what calls to make in the blew team's favour, and the sinking subs will have to rely on Swayze one too many times...

If the game was in Ottawa, I'd favour Ottawa but damn they are 0-8 on the road :?
If the Argos can't pull this out with their season on the line, a whole bunch of people "need a bullet" (fired/cut).

Drew Edwards ? @scratchingpost
RT @TSNScianitti: Milanovich calls Ray “doubtful? Trevor Harris will start if Ray can’t, obviously Ray has an appointment with doctors #CFL

For Ottawa, head coach Rick Campbell said in a radio interview today that Dan O'Brien would play the majority of the game at QB.

Kind of balances things out.

This sounds fishy. It looks as if somebody (the league maybe :roll:) wants to improve the Argo's chances. A Burris led Redblacks could probably defeat the Argos without Ray. The Cats better come out firing on all cylinders then and control their own fate rather than relying on Ottawa upsetting Toronto.

Ottawa is in next year mode. Evaluating O'Brien is more useful to them than playing Burris. No fish here.

I have no problem with Ottawa playing O'Brien. The strange thing is that they came nowhere near giving him the majority of the play the last couple of games. But if it is really true as rumoured that Sask was willing to trade a first-round draft pick for Burris a few weeks ago, it is even stranger that Ottawa would not accept.

Anyway we Cat fans shouldn't be relying on Ottawa. Cats have to beat Montreal on Saturday. And I think they will.

That was the asking price plus a Canadian starter. Taman never offered that or Burris would be wearing Green.

Yeah but I thought that I read somewhere that the offer by Sask was the 1st round draft pick alone (no additional Canadian starter). That should have been enough, IMO, but I don't know if true.