Rick Moffat is awful

God, he sucks. I'm listening to the game this afternoon on CJAD. He's just terrible. He gives you no sense of the play, wrapping up every play call in convoluted sentences while you're waiting to find out what's happening. It takes him six to eight seconds just to tell you that Toronto ran the ball to the left side, at the end of which he tells you that the back was tackled short of a first down. What's the yardage gained? What's the down? Going from Chris Cuthbert to Moffat is absolute torture. :x :x

Calvillo to Cahoon for first-quarter TD.

Als INT (player unknown).

McPherson to Desriveaux for TD on third down in second quarter.

14-0 Als.

Lemon can run, but he can't pass.

McPherson having trouble with the passing game, but has already had two drops by Maypray and (sigh) Deslauriers.

Owens had a big punt return.

McPherson with a big run but still not able to pass with any consistency.

God, Moffat is brutal. Pre-snap, he babbles endlessly about whether the play is between the hash marks and the east-west position on the field relative to himself and Ed Philion. As if fans listening on radio give a flying crap how the field looks to the broadcasters.

Desriveaux getting some YAC yards after catch for a first down.

McPherson not able to take advantage of good field position off big returns or fumble recoveries. Lots of balls batted down at the line of scrimmage.

Curious to see how Leak does in the second half.

Leak is working the short passing game more efficiently than McPherson.

Leak to Maypray for TD. Maypray with a great run after catch.

Seems like Leak is just making his reads faster in the short-passing game. McPherson still with a bit of happy feet and the inclination to take off instead of checking down to his next receiving option.

The battle for no. 2 is shaping up to be very interesting this season.

Leak took a shot on the TD pass and has gone to the locker room. McPherson back in the game.

McPherson not looking impressive at all, team gives up safety. Kid has to get himself correct and not take anything for granted this season. With the way Leak is playing, the no. 2 spot is not secure for Adrian at all.

Maypray may have done enough to stick around. Owens had a big kick return -- does that give him the inside track for the returner job until Hawkins is healthy?

McPherson throws a pick-6. Rough day for the kid.

Thanks for the updates d&p.

Why was Leak pulled and MacP put back in?

Leak took a hit (possibly to the arm) on the play that resulted in the Maypray TD. He went to the locker room, presumably to have the trainers take a look. Hopefully it's nothing serious.

Just coming back from the game, thank god I dont have to make the decisions on the team. Everyone looked great out there. The players that caught my eye the most were Maypray and Ford on offence. On defence there were Key and Snowden, and Samuels looked good great tackles and very quick. I also agree Chad Owens did a very good job on returning kicks, Whitaker also did a good job.

was Samuels on the corner, mike?

I think so yes. So many new numbers to remember. I do remember seeing #16 on the corner.

-15 Players caught passes today. I am 99 percent sure this is a CFL record.
-MarcO... Defensive player of the game
-Desrivaux Offensive player of the game
-Duval could not be counted on again today