Rick Mercer with the Roughriders


Too funny...click on "Rick in Regina with the Roughriders"

lol - I watched that on the Rick Mercer Report last night.....got a chuckle or two outta me.....Schultz: "You had me at Piffles" = cheesiest line of the clip..... :slight_smile:

I've always liked Rick Mercer.

That was a pretty funny "report".

HAHAHA thats nothing but gold. "I'm here with Luca Congi, and he's the kicker....because he's my size"

Rick made the the right choice picking the Riders in his report to be at the 1st CFL game :lol:

Thanks for the head's up! How appropriate to showcase Canada's team!

wow, that was great! Thanks for the link! :rockin:

-Great game to be at too, the Andy Fantuz breakout game!