Rick Campbell to be named Lions Head Coach

The Lions just got way better

I heard they were doing a press release today, that's the first thing I thought of as well. If so Congrats Rick, and yes B.C. just became WAY BETTER,

Odd. . . I sort of thought he would be Edmonton-bound.

Same for me maybe he does want to be compared to Dad .

Better ? Campbell must be one helluva O lineman.

It's official. Campbell the new head man in British Columbia. He does have ties to the Pacific Northwest being from Spokane WA. Went to school in Washington state, his mother lives in Seattle, and he spent a lot of time up here. More importantly, there is a high degree of comfort and trust with GM Ed Hervey.

Can anyone from Ottawa shed some insights on Rick Campbell? Was he popular there and if so, what made him so?

Things would me much more interesting if Rick Campbell can convince Jason Maas and Noel Thorpe to join him in BC.

I honestly thought Edm was a no brainer. Oh well, as long as he can wear his hat straight there should be an improvement.

The former is a possibility. As for the latter (Thorpe), doubtful as rumour has it that Campbell will become the DC as well (to save salary from dumping Claybrooks).

I would be happy to chime in here, He would have been a great fit here in Ottawa, .....Oh yeah wait a second, B.C. just landed the best head coach IMHO, in the CFL. I cant believe that ownership chose to keep the G.M. over Campbell. It has been spun that it was a mutual agreement. far from the truth, Campbell made it clear if the G.M. was back for the last year of his contract then Campbell would give his notice. and did. This guy has more class than any body else I have ever seen in my time as an avid C.F.L. fan. Ottawas loss and B.C. 's gain. Our GM is going into the last year of his contract, It will be very Interesting who Ownership brings in. Man its going to be a long long pitiful season in 2020 in the Nations Capital. Good luck Rick I know the job you will do In B.C. and thanks your your time in Ottawa

Does BC have to give anything up?

Nope of course not, lol, Our G.M. is good like that, lol

Only thing B.C. will give up is loosing, lol

It’s official as one of the HC dominos has fallen, Campbell to BC.
Meanwhile here in TO, another day and more crickets…?

In Toronto, Tom send in your resume; you can put me down as a reference.

I thought the season was over. :wink:

And where did Claybrooks go?

I dunno. I think Campbell is overrated. We’ll see how BC fares but I wouldn’t expect Campbell to turn water into wine.

To honor a fallen fellow CFL coach, I would expect Campbell to wear his ballcap sideways this season.

don't want no maas