Rick Campbell Should Be Fired If Redblacks Don't Win 7

Although Campbell is well thought off in the coaching community, I was kind of surprised he was named as the first HC last year.
His moves to stay with Henry for example who is a great guy but is done may be his undoing.
Definitely there should be a time watch for Campbell and the GM and perhaps involving the first half of the season.

Agreed. Aside from the obvious, they are building with a lot of youth. They went into training camp with only three guys over 30 years of age on an 80-man roster (Burris, Jovon Johnson and James Green). They understand that this approach takes time and patience, not knee-jerk reactions.

I really hope that this franchise does not start of its rebirth with a quick firing. I think if they do, it will be their MO for a long while. They need stability, a presence in the community and hopefully steady growth. I think end of year 3 is the measuring bar.

You lost me right there. To suggest Ottawa should fire their coach if they don't win 7 games suggests that you believe they have a shot at winning at least 1-2 more. If Ottawa wins 7 I'll be surprised and if they do better than that it will be a miracle. 5-6 wins is a much more realistic goal with anything under 5 being under acheivement.

I don't know how you see the entire east better than 6 wins, they do still play 10 of their 8 games against the west and outside of Hamilton none of the rest will have even a .500 record against the west. Montreal should be in the .500 range overall but could finish 8-10. The Argos will be no better than 7-10 and potentially could finish below Ottawa. No Ricky Ray for the first 6 games and a head coach who pads his resume by finishing worse each year than the last. Ottawa and Toronto will fight for last in the east and the league.

So... what if the Redblacks only manage to win only 2 or 3 games again this year? There's some leeway for youth and building a roster but there will be some expectations. There may not be a set physical target number in terms of wins or points or anything that they may target but if Campbell looks overmatched or makes decisions that end up costing the team wins then they will certainly have to think about whether he's the right man for the job. No you don't want to get into a new every two years routine for head coaches, but it can be a fine line between giving a head coach time to build the team and letting a guy who's in over his head wallowing in his position. This year should be more telling for Campbell. The roster being more balanced on offense and defense alone should make things easier.

We all have to remember how the expansion draft was created to give the RB the best chance at winning.
Certainly far better then the last draft for the Renegades, yet the Gades won more games?
So by not achieving the anticipated results in year one makes the task even greater this year.

Well, yes. I might have responded differently if the thread was entitled "Rick Campbell Should Be Fired If Redblacks Don't Win 4" because clearly there's a bigger problem. My perception is that guys are enthusiastic and are working hard but that's from the not-so-cheap seats. There could be plenty I don't see. If the guy is clearly out of his element, then you don't perpetuate the error for the sake of giving the appearance of stability. Fully agreed.

That's so overblown. The point was to make the team competitive and some people think that means an instant winner. It doesn't. The team had to be capable of winning (in other words, not be blown out 30-00 in the first half) and they were in most games. Typically they collapsed in the 4th quarter, and struggled later in the season. Not unusual for a team with little depth.

Aside from teams being able to protect only one QB, most of the rules were basically the same. And if a team lost a QB, it could protect more Canadians, so even that benefit came with a cost. The RedBlacks got to participate in a limited fashion in a college draft early, whereas the Renegades were able to stock future picks instead of picking players they didn't want.

I'm not complaining about the rules; other teams had to look after their own interests too. But the notion that the RedBlacks were given a much better deal than what the Renegades had to work with is a bit of a myth.

Here's Tim Baines' analysis of it at the time.

[url=http://www.ottawasun.com/2012/12/08/cfls-ottawa-expansion-arrangement-needs-some-fine-tuning]http://www.ottawasun.com/2012/12/08/cfl ... ine-tuning[/url]

I'd forgotten about the OL limit. No team could protect more than four linemen for the Renegades draft so it enabled the 'Gades to (theoretically) select from a deeper pool for that position.

Again, not a complaint. Like Baines, I think it was better overall. It did its job: It gave the team a foundation. But you don't become a middle-of-the-pack team by choosing a handful of 8th, 11th and 14th best players from other teams (and that's the best-case scenario, not taking into account pending free agency, long-term injuries, etc).

So you think a guy like Benenvides who’s proven he’s a good coach can’t bring even more stability than Ricky?

And he’s not the only one, Marcel Bellefeuille also has a great track record as coach and while he’s only OC right now, he’s done a great job fixing what was an atrocious winnipeg offense and I need not mention that Hamilton sucked before he came over. No he didn’t quite pull a Kent Austin and didn’t quite get them over the top, but he made the job easier by all ready having them brought out of the perennial cellar and being competitive in the east.

Also, while I’m not really a fan of Lapolice’s and while his last few interviews seem to indicate he’s not about to get back into the coaching world just yet, I don’t doubt if the timing was right he may just change his mind and decide he wants another crack at it. Would he go to Ottawa? Maybe not, but you never know.

All that to say, Campbell would be a fool to think that if he failed that there aren’t some other well-respected candidates hanging out there who could come in and take over if he failed.

Stability through change? Interesting approach. Do you eat more to lose weight, too? :wink:

Seriously, I doubt that Campbell feels the way you describe in your last paragraph. I'm pretty sure he's aware that he was one of quite a few guys to interview for the job in the first place. Would I put it down to just a number? No. But everyone seems keenly aware that they need to show improvement.

Tillman, after his Renegades days once said the plan was 3-6-9 in terms of wins for the first three years. That seems reasonable. You aim higher of course, but you have to be realistic. To blankly say "seven or go" is poor planning.

Well we’ll see tonight if Rick Campbell’s improved any as a head coach. I seen some numbers on some sites that have said the Redblacks are gonna come away with the upset tonight.

Kudos to them if they do but I don’t think so. Montreal coming off a huge turnaround last year … my guess is they pick up right where they left off.

Als will be .500 at best this season. Should finish 2nd in the east and should beat Ottawa in the opener, but I don't see them that much improved and be surprised if they do better than .500

Masterful game by Campbell. The opening march in the 3rd Q was all coaches. Brilliant. Gutsy and brilliant

On that note SirVincent looked great at LT blocking Burris' blindside as well as run blocking.

I'll give him that, he did seem to learn from last year's mistakes such as when last year he might have just kickd the ball away on 3rd and short or just taken that FG, he actually did come out this time and was aggressive, you certainly have to do that in this league and if he turns that new leaf, the Redblacks have a chance to get that 7 or higher.

It's a long season though, so we'll see.

He started that way last year but I think losing in weird ways got to him and he lost his nerve.

North Carolina-And if those gambles failed I suspect you would be calling him an grande idiot.

No not necessarily. Much of it depends on the situation. His team was down, Hank was struggling, had to try something to get them a spark. If you fail while your team is down and needs to try something to get back in it, ya gotta applaud them for trying no matter what.

I think had the Redblacks been tied at that point, goin for a lead, or even holding a lead and in a situation where a gamble like that woulda been totally unnecessary, then yeah maybe I would call him an idiot if it failed, but honestly, who wouldn't in that kind of situation?

Almost there...