Rick Campbell Should Be Fired If Redblacks Don't Win 7

That's my prediction for the season and an ultimatum for that old coach. He has to win 7 games MINIMUM to keep his job and anything short of that is failure. So far I'd say he's just as bad if not worse than Tim Burke in the way he has run that team and with a boatload of talent including Mo Price that got shipped to Ottawa, he's out of excuses if he wins fewer than 7. This team if they want to get competitive and get competitive fast, they have to send a message that mediocre player development and incompetent game-management will not be tolerated and this preseason, Campbell showed he was doing both. He had better get his act together or he's gonna get the boot.

The RB's will only go as far as a washed up 40 something Burris will take them. I think it's a stretch to say 7 wins at this point,but ya never know,after all this is the CFL we're talking about here where crazy things can and usually happen every season. I personally think that Hank is done like dinner and still haven't figured out why an expansion team would tie their can to a clearly past his expiry date prime quarterback to lead them. To his credit my good buddy Marcel went out and got him some grade "A" talent to work with this year,but if your QB has a peashooter for an arm then I really don't think it will matter. Now saying all that I think that the team does improve this year (kinda hard not to from 2-16)but I'm thinking that they might come close to your 7 win prediction just falling short finishing their 2nd season at perhaps a very respectable 6-12 record. Alas that will only be good enough for a 4th place finish in the East and 9th place finish overall this season. So I'm going to lower the bar here and say that Rick Campbell should be fired if the REDBLACKS don't win at least 6 this year.

I think Desjardins does deserve a little bit of blame here myself. Sure, yes they got several marquee receivers in Ellingson, Sinpoli and Williams but what has been done to address the Offensive Line and porous defense?

Fully agree about Hank though. I would have stuck with Glenn as he had a lot more gas left in the tank, and while he wouldn't likely have lead Ottawa to a cup, he would have been at a much more reasonable cost and would have benefited a young prospect QB a lot more then Hank.

I agree. I thought that the Glenn pickup made a lot of sense. He's far more of a collegial and team kind of guy than Burris who needs and expects to be the #1. I won't kid myself, Glenn was really looking forward to leading the team but if you remember their statements when they each went to the RB's the difference in approach was palpable.

Add his greater longevity potential to the picture and it just seemed to make sense. I really didn't understand the moves at the time.

First of all, defense wasn't the issue last year. They had a good D that was just on the field far too long. Second, part of the offensive issue was Mike "Never Been Successful" Gibson, who was turfed in favor of Jason Maas; installing a new offense takes time. Third, O-lines aren't built overnight. I think Desjardins has done his best to bring in talent to help Ottawa take the next step; it's now up to Campbell and the rest of the coaches to maximize that talent.

The on the field too long, I can agree with.

However, for me success as a defense is holding the opposition to 25 or under. Ottawa did that 8 times in an 18 game season...so alright, I'll say that's decent especially for the first year in the league, success slightly less then half the time.

i don;t think there should be a number on it. I think 2 things have to happen for Campbell to stick around. 1 - the team needs to improve this year significantly. No specific number of wins but they can't be out of it by Oct 1st. 2 - Campbell has to show that he has the confidence of the people around him to take the next step NEXT season.

Campbell seems to me to be a diligent and honest dude, but he has never struck me as having an inspiring leadership quality. I think he knows his football, but these days that's a secondary requirement of a head coach. Tim Burke knows his x's and o's very well, but he just doesn't have that 'this is my ship', 'buck stops here' attitude. As a result, his tenure in Winnipeg was a disaster.

A head coach these days is a group psychologist and leader first and foremost, and when the troops look up at you you better be sitting tall in the saddle and in full control even if things are crumbling around you. Chris Jones is that kind of guy. Wally was that kind of guy. Don Matthews was definitely that kind of guy. Trestman may have had the complete opposite demeanour to Matthews but he was also very much that kind of guy. O'Shea I believe is the next one.

Campbell reminds me of LaPolice, in that he’s got football knowledge but is not a leader.

I wouldn't be surprised if Benevedes is the next RedBlacks head coach.

I'm tired of this defense stuff being used as a cop-out for a head coach. He is NOT the defensive coordinator anymore, he is the head coach. He is responsible for the WHOLE team offense included. Good coaches don't go copping out or let themselves off the hook when one part of their team is failing.

That being said, the Redblacks defense was iffy. Some weeks they were good, but others they were completely in the crapper and blew leads against hogwash players like Tino "noodle arm" Sunseri.

I think that post about him being the twin of Tim Burke is spot on. Burke was the most ultraconservative "don't throw the ball downfield at all" and "turtle under when you're losing coach" in the history of the game. Campbell does all of that too and gets in the players' way keeping them from doing anything.

Their defense wasn't bad last year. Calling it porous is misleading and, frankly, completely inaccurate.

As for the o-line, they signed SirVincent Rogers and drafted Alex Mateas. Those are two pretty solid moves. Drafting Mateas allows Jon Gott to move to guard from centre, where he was an all-star in 2013. The RedBlacks o-line should be much better this season. So as bad as Desjardins has been as a GM previously, especially in Hamilton, he did a pretty good job adding pieces to Ottawa this offseason.

I thought the Redblacks D was one of their better features. Offense was a letdown obviously and I'm not sure Burris is capable of making all the throws consistently anymore. The expectation is Maas is going to turn around the offense but I have my doubts. It may be asking a lot for a rookie OC to fix that and based on the preseason it seems like there will be a lot of growing pains early on. Getting the preseason out of the way early in theory should allow them to get out of the gate ahead of other teams but they seem too far behind most of the other teams.

Aside from offense, their specials needed work too. Chris Williams is obviously a good add for the return game but the kicking game remains unresolved at this point from what I understand.

They are better but I don't think 8-9 win season better. Only way I see Campbell getting the boot if he's under 5 wins on the season. Anything over will be considered a nice jump up from a 2 win season and will keep him employed, but probably delaying the inevitable. Something about him as HC seems a bit off for some reason. I could see Benevides coming in at that point, or eventually landing there if he doesn't take a job elsewhere in the next year or two.

I would think that if the RedBlacks don't show significant improvement this year, Campbell will find himself out of a job sooner than later. They picked up a slew of offensive weapons this offseason, but the O-Line along with an aging QB will be the real question marks this year

okay start the process which is very unlikely. Maybe 5-6 wins top's on good season.
We forget how good CFL really is!!

this is dumb, second year of a fledgling team and already talking about replacing the coach. :roll:

I did concede that ok, maybe the defense wasn't that bad in a later post.

I would normally agree with this statement, but if the pick for the head coach was wrong in the first place (my opinion), then....

I think this is the Toronto FC model for head coaches btw. :lol:

What if they go 6-12 but make the playoffs?

If they go 6-12 and make the playoffs then that means there are going to be some really crappy teams this year with some pretty crappy records. The only way that the RB's go 6-12 and make the playoffs is if somehow that record is good enough for a 2nd place finish in the East,cause there is no way that 6-12 gets you in as 3rd in the East with the crossover unless at least 2 teams totally tank in the West this season.

I just don't see anyone in the east going lower than 6-12. I know the Argos being without Ricky Ray might be hurting for a while until he gets back, so maybe they go in the crapper and win fewer than 7, but I don't know, it's hard to picture that. The Als haven't missed the playoffs since getting back in the league almost 20 years ago and I don't see that streak coming to an end this year, not as long as Popp is running the show, and the TiCats? Unless some major act-of-god catastrophe hits that team, there's no way they win fewer games than Ottawa.

As for the west, There's no way 3 teams out there are gonna finish lower than a 6-12 record or have the Redblacks beat them out for the spot.

Now that being said, I don't think the Redblacks need to make the playoffs for Campbell's job to be safe, but they have to show on the field that they're headed in enough of the right direction to prove he's the right coach. But I think Anything fewer than 7, and it's mayday.

I think ORB will be better than 2-16. Question is how much better ?

The receivers are better. Here is the problem OL. If the OL is weak, it does not matter how good your QB or receivers are.

As for Campbell, he made some bad calls last year that fooled no one but himself and the viewing audience.

He always had this confused look on his face like " what, my brilliant trick play did not work " ?

Anyway , hope they can win games at least at home. Looks bad for the CFL when you have a team with 2 wins.

Unless it is EE that is 2 - 16. That would be wonderful.