Rick Campbell quits in Ottawa

  1. TSN reporting that Rick Campbell has quit as HC of Ottawa.

He apparently told ownership that if Marcel Desjardins was returning as GM, that he would not be
back as coach. ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile:

Campbell was informed by ownership that Marcel would be returning to fulfill his final year of his
contract !!

So, good bye Campbell :slight_smile:

Looks good on Ottawa !!! :smiley:

Somebody had to carry the can for Marcel. It turned out to be Campbell. I won’t miss him!

44-62-2 for both of them in Ottawa

Marcel 51-91-2 as a GM. (Including Ham)

One game upset has hidden the fact that they really haven’t been successful. And “remove this season and remove that season” is nonsense. Everybody has to rebuild, everybody has rough patches.

I expect Marcel to go on a spending spree this offseason as evident by his extending of players to help his 2020 Cap.

In my opinion it would be great to seeMarcel Bellefeuille get another shot at being a head coach in the CFL and he would be a good fit in Ottawa!?

Time for Ottawa to bring in Kavis Reed to get things rolling again. ;D

Eskimoes next coach when Montreal beats Esks in the Eastern/Western Final


That would be the Marcel-Marcel show. The beautiful leaf falling in the garden?

Yes please!

Although the players he brought in are surprisingly playing well now. ?

This is strange – Campbell quits and the RBs are going to pay out his contract for 2020 and, despite that, management (above Desjardins) has also said, publicly, that he is free to accept another coaching job.

There are a lot of rumours, speculation, and ideas on what has, and will, happen in Ottawa. i.e. -

CFL News Retweeted

John Hodge?


2h2 hours ago

The #Redblacks should hire the person most likely to help recruit a quarterback. That person is Hamilton OC Tommy Condell. If you hire Condell, you probably get Jeremiah Masoli (and possibly Luke Tasker, too). #Ticats #CFL
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If you want a quality coaching candidate they’re going to want a 3 year deal. Yet ownership has said they are not extending Marcel with 1 year left.
How can any coach accept that job knowing there’s potentially a GM change coming? and how can a quality GM accept a job being asked to keep the HC?

Absolute mess.

Yeah, I’m with Crash, don’t know why anyone would take the Ottawa job in its current state.

I think Tommy Condell will be a HC in this league one day, but he’d be crazy to go to Ottawa. Now if the Toronto job is offered to him with Masoli at QB, could be pretty tempting.

There are only 9 chairs, and you never know when the next one will become available. If you’re Condell, you know the HC job in Hamilton is now locked up for as long as Orlondo wants it.

Absolute seriously good points, Crash.

  1. Strong rumor still making the rounds that Mike O’Shea will return to the Argos to be their new
    HC, once Chamblin is fired !! (probably within the next few weeks)

O’Shea and Pinball are very good, close friends !!

Tipper, hope the rumours are true because:
(1) It would probably bolster the Toronto franchise (unlike us, T-dot people like him), and
(2) We get to boo him again and kick his derriere again!

If Desjardins isn’t careful, Ottawa may end up with Paopao as Head Coach…

O’Shea is loyal to himself only.

If Toronto offers more $$$ he is an Argo again…I would love to hate the Argos even more if that is possible and O’shXX helps

Noel Thorpe?

Jason Maas back to Ottawa, Rick Campbell back to Edmonton. O’Shea goes to TO, LaPolice is promoted in Winnipeg. Who knows what happens in BC. You read it here first.