Rick Campbell and The OttawaRedblacks

In the strange and wacky world of the CFL, on TSN 1200 this morning Henry Burris mention a Interesting scenario, Redblacks reach out to Rick and see if any Interest in coming back for last year of his contract if he is given more responsibilities regarding players and other decisions. Interesting thought. But I do believe that ship has sailed. Ottawa is going to have a difficult time signing a Coach when the G.M. Is on the last year of his contract. I bet they will be forced to hire from within the organization, and I am not sure that’s the best way to go, just thinking out loud.

Did this actually happen or is it Burris speculating?

He is speculating I am sure, but an Interesting Idea,

Sounds like Henry is doing what he does best and that is flapping his gums again .

Its funny, he is very very Pro Campbell, and he does like this insider gig he has going on, and dropping bombshells, but he did nail it a couple of weeks ago about Campbell and Marcel not getting along to well, and heck he does know everybody in the CFL,

Henry should consider getting throat surgery if he wants to continue in broadcasting. Not sure if he has polyps or vocal cord nodules, but the hoarse voice is very distracting to listen to (personally speaking). In fact, I find it as annoying AF.