Rick Ball moves to Canucks hockey

Was surprised to hear on 1040 this afternoon that Rick Ball is moving over to Canucks hockey.

i think ball wioll eventually go there full time.

Ball will do Canucks home game, and squeaky Joey Kenward will do Canucks road games.

I could see Jim Mullin stepping up here

Not Surprised. Shorthouse will be moving to Sportsnet now that Hughson is full time HNIC.

I can't imagine Rick Ball doing Lions play by play, Canucks play by play, AND his afternoon show on 1040 without getting burned out fairly quickly.

On another HIGHLY SPECULATIVE note: does this mean JP McConnell could come back to do Lions play by play? Don't get me wrong, I think Rick Ball does a great job with the Lions, but I do miss hearing JP on the radio.

man it would be weird having having rick ball do canucks hockey
if he does would he maybe stop doing lions play by play or else he would get burned out so i could see him not doing lions play by play anymore and that would be to bad

JP McConnell is apparently living in France. Why would he give up that lifestyle to move back here to cover a team with a $ 4 million payroll?

There are soccer players back there that make more than $ 4 million a year.

That means he must have retired from CKNW? He has a great voice. I remember when i was a youngin in the 80s....going to the Lions practice field in Whalley and one of my friends asked JP for his autograph. He laughed and said you dont want my autograph son, you want theirs and pointed to the players.

JP got one of those pink slips "Your services are no longer required" when Rick Dhaliwahl was hired as sports director.

JP was probably ready to retire anyways, he must be pretty old by now! Still had one of the best voices in Sports radio.