What’s going on guys/gals? I just want to throw in my 2 cents on Richie Williams. Being from AppState I've been watching him play for years and lets just say that around here (Western North Carolina) the guy is an absolute legend. Give him a couple of seasons and he'll be your starter and the other cfl/nfl teams will have to sit there scratching their heads wondering why they didn't draft him.

If anyone knows where the best place is online to buy a Tiger-Cats jersey is I would greatly appreciate it.

Buy your jersey right here good fan. :thup:

yeh you can purchase your ticats jersey in the online store section of the website, they will take care of you pretty well.

At the iner-squad game on Saturday, Richie looked pretty good. He had some decent reads, looked off the secondary fairly well, and had lots of zip on the ball. I can see him being our 3rd string QB this season.

yeh he's solid, way better than josten.

and Goapp, do u get Cfl on ur tv over there??

No, hopefully I'll be able to find a radio feed at least

Every game os on CHML - our local radio station. You can listen live at during the games. As well, we have members of the site that contribute to "Play-By-Play Threads" - in which we post our thoughts on the game in near-real-time format. There is also some pretty good information on which U.S. cable and satellite networks carry the games.

No, hopefully I'll be able to find a radio feed at least

There is supposed to be a new Satellite radio broadcast of the CFL's games ,but ,it's brand new of course...(?)