I was just wondering why Richie isn't on the depth chart. Is he injured or something? If we are going with youth or something at Quarterback for the rest of the year, wouldn't it make sense to put Casey on the inactive list?

Really boggles my mind, it seems like they have given up on Casey, but still want to keep him active?

When you’re paying Casey that amount of money, its hard to make him a healthy scratch. So who is the 3rd QB?

I saw Tafralis on the sidelines

Is Richie hurt I see him on the Injured list but no announcement , I hope they treat Richie with respect because he deserves it.

I am hoping Richie is not going through some private personal problems.

The Cats know what Richie brings to the table.

The new kid got a feeling of being a part of the team, yesterday

The Cats should get him some playing time in the next 2 games.

That's what this part of the season is all about.