Williams played a great game. He had more rushig yards than Caulley or Roberts. The team played well for the most part but Winnipeg got to him with the pass rush. Williams should start the next game as he has proven himself once agin tonight.

Played well?

I don't agree at all.

Richie cost us 14 points in a 13 point loss.

Brutal fumble, nobody even touched him and he never even made an attempt to put two hands on the ball! What was that? He just dropped it for the defender.

It was the one screw up he made this game. He needs to see the field more to gain experience so mishaps like this do not happen.

Woodard and Wilson should both not be playing. The OLine and DLine had no push for 3 quarters, receivers were not getting open.. this game was not all on Richie.

If Casey is still crying about his thumb, then start Richie.

Stegall is f'ing playing when he had surgery on his knee. He was limping all game and still made blocks and caught a few. Not to mention he is 38 years old..

One dimensional, makes one read and takes off. Not my favourite type of QB to be honest. He has shown to be a capable backup.

Overall he did not play well tonight, he had 6 balls batted down and at some point he has to take the heat for that... .one or 2 is bad luck.

Fumble is completely unacceptable, no other way to describe it. I feel Printers makes better decisions on when to hand off and when to keep it. Williams mixes it up but theres times when he hands it and should keep, and vice versa.

He is a backup. A decent one. Never was a controversy other than the ones made up by our moronic beat writer and the same old group of fans.

Hopefully Printers is back Labour Day and we dont run him out of town should he show rust for not working with half of the team (1 half with Prechae, 1 game with Bauman).

Agree with Crash 100%

Didn't look that great to me. I have no problem starting him next game but I think everyone has to get used to a few things with him.

  1. He is a horrible pocket passer with poor mechanics. You wanna see how that game should be played? Watch Ray or Calvillo.

  2. He can be very effective at making things happen outside of the pocket but if he has to run every play he is going to get killed. The answer is that the Cat receivers are going to have to get alot better at helping Richie out. Watch Burris and Lewis or Copeland, A.C and Watkins or Cahoon.

Although he tries to do it all, Williams isn't going to win alot of games by himself.

Nah, the batted pass for an interception and TD, I blame him too. You just don't throw that ball!


Casey is the starter. Richie is the backup.

Im going to disagree that the batted pass was his fault. As Richie was in throwing motion, the rusher broke away from the o-lineman and batted the pass. I dont think that he saw it but yes, that was still inexcusible. BUT, I want to say one last thing, lets not make the same mistake with Richie that we made with Calvillo.

What about the other 5?

And Calvillo was not a mistake, we brought in Danny McManus and Calvillo asked for his release.

I guess we all agree that he isn't a great passer...throws from the side makes it easier to knock down.

Don't forget that without the yds that he earned with his running, I doubt that the Cats would have scored 10 offensive points.

Dont get me wrong Danny was not amazing, but AC wasnt given the playing time he deserved that is why im saying not to make the same mistake twice.

Exactly, Jim.

In the game thread, I called Richie the most dangerous backup in the league right now. And I would put him ahead of Buck Pierce (even the seemingly mothballed Bish and a clipboard-toting Dave Dickenson) in that convo. Perhaps Durrant has been more of a surprise in that regard, but Richie is close.

Having said that, there are glaring lapses at time re ball security that peeve me to no end.

Crash also points out aspects in Richie’s game that detract from his overall approach. The big difference between Casey and Richie is arm strength on the deep ball. Casey’s trajectory is consistently sharper when he can go deep and he gets more on the ball in general. Richie has had more success in running the ball, but he’s had a similarly frustrating time trying to make big plays in the air off broken plays as Casey has.

Offensively, the team needs to fix the receiver-QB synchronicty on option routes and in receiver support when the QB is under pressure. It’s ridiculous that our receivers can’t get ANY separation on virtually every situation like that, frankly. Over the bye week, that must get fixed so that at least the receivers no longer give up on plays as they seem to do far too often.

Labour Day is the hinge for the rest of the season. This team has to find a way to win all remaining games with the East, beat Edmonton, and hope for a couple of major upsets along the way to block the crossover and squeak in the playoffs. The odds are stacked against them.

Oski Wee Wee,

Printers should start if he is healthy

that is an "if" though
Richie has beaten Toronto to a pulp and it is not worth risking Casey to a more extensive injury against a team we play well against. id put him in after labour day to make sure his health is 100%

That sidearm delivery killed him last night ... all the linemen had to do was get their arms up ... we could have won that game.

I don't think it was so much his style of delivery, but the play calling that had him throwing out of a drop back situation. His passing style is well known to the coaching staff; Charlie has commented on it. So why not design some plays around his mobility instead of boxing him in a pocket?

richie has tons of potential to become the starter down the road,his mechanics are unique you can say but he has great upside. makes sense to start casey now and let williams learn.

Could be that the league is adjusting to Richie now as there is more film on him.

What would you try to do if you were an opposing coach?

I'd try to keep him in the pocklet and force him to throw.

Maybe some credit should go to Winnipeg's D.