richie williams

Roster shows him as injured. Did I miss this? When did this happen? Anybody know?

8) I think he has a hang nail on his index finger of his non throwing hand !!! :roll:
  Since Trafalis was the 3rd string QB in the Regina game, I would imagine that they will want to get a look see at Mr. Trafalis under game conditions during the last 2 games  !!!

   I have the feeling that Management has already made up their mind with regards to Richie, be that good news or bad news to him regarding his future with this team  !!!

I imagine he is listed as injured so the cats dont have to put him on the practice roster and have him scooped up before next year. I imagine the cats will have CP QP and RW compete for the starting spot and 2nd string with the odd man out being traded or released. Which my hunch will be RW he is the one who will least likely burn the Cats in the future and This new guy and likely one more new one will compete for 3rd string.

It will be interesting to see what happens to Williams over the off season. I really think he is a great young qb who makes things happen. How long is he signed up for in Steeltown?

Richie is a good kid; scrambler with a very unique throwing technique. Played his heart out for us. Future? Not saying this is right or wrong, but just the obvious reality. He'll be fortunate to make the team next year as 3rd string. Heart and legs take you so far; arm strength, pocket presence, and pass first run second make a career. More than likely he's released in the off season or during training camp. Sorry Richie....

no way, it should be printers who goes. Williams is next yrs number 2 behind porter, unless there is some unknown issue they are not telling us.

Richie doesnt have the skills Printers has. If they have him to camp and beats printers out so be it, but i dont think he has what it takes to be a starter in the league and the more tape teams get on williams the more his weaknesses will be exposed i dont think he will eve be more then a 2nd or 3rd stringer at best. he works hard plays his heart out but sometimes that just doesnt cut it. i for one dont think he will ever come back to haunt us like AC, but im pretty certain that if traded or cut CP will show he was a top notch qb in a poor system/team and that will come back to bite us in the future

The ole mighty dollar will rear its ugly head.
NO WAY Printers will be on this team as a second string QB.

If he does not beat out Porter he and his $500,000 are kicked to the curb.
And I would say he would need to substantially out-play Porter for the dollar difference in their salaries!

1/2 million dollars buys some good CFL lineman

willimas might not thave the raw physical skills of printers, but he is superior in every other way, tangible and intangible. Not to mention cheaper.

enough anti-printers posts please

its a pro williams post, dingbat, and I will state my opinion on both or either of them any damn time I please. Dont like it, too bad

When will you people get it into your tiny little minds that Printers' contract was HEAVILY front-loaded. He is NOT being paid $500k/yr. Also, CFL contracts ARE NOT GUARANTEED. They can (and usually are) renegotiated based on depth and performance.

Porter outright beat out Williams for #2. I think Williams has done all he can ever do in this league. For that reason, I agree with the bolded text.

And FYB calling somebody a "dingbat" is a personal attack. You say you're pro-Williams, and that's fine. But you are DEFINITELY anti-Printers, as your past history shows. No real surprise with ANY of your posts.

I agree with you, it was reported that Casey's contract was front loaded, but with that said, you can still bet that he makes $300,000 to $400,000 a season even if it was front loaded. But the part I don't agree with you on is the part about contracts being re-negotiated due to performance and depth. Yes, teams frequently ask players to take pay cuts to help them fit under the salary cap (ie. Kerry Joseph in Saskatchewan) but very rarely would a player agree to re-negotiate his contract after losing his starting position. And if a player is noble enough to do that, it's great for the team, but I think it's pretty fair to say that Casey Printers isn't the type that is going to agree to take a pay cut. Nothing against him as a person, it's just his nature and his reputation.

But some of you are right about it being a money issue. There is no way the worst team in the CFL can afford to have one of the highest paid players in the league as a backup when the money is best spent elsewhere trying to upgrade the offensive and defensive lines through the draft, free agency, and/or attracting import talent from the US.

Oh, and I love Richie as much as anyone, but I think his short-term/medium term future is as a backup for Hamilton. That is the reason he is sitting. He is a known quantity and with the team out of the playoffs, there is no use in playing him.

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my wife and I lovingly call each other dingbat all the time. Its not like stuipid or ahole or..... Hardly anything for someone to cry about. So, Its no secret that I am no fan of printers. I think so far this yr, its been shown that I have good reason. Doesnt mean I cannot stick up for williams any time I choose to do so. If porter is good enough for number 1, and williams is good enough for numbe 2, and I think he is. Printers is expendable and the team is better off keeping williams. Take that anyways you want to.

Maybe Printers contract is front loaded depending on performance and so on. Im sure that he makes a heck of a lot more money than Porter or Williams. Based on Printers performance this year and last. I think that Printers is expendable. I would keep Porter as number 1 and Williams number 2. Maybe the Cats would not have 500 k from Printers contract to spend, but Im sure they would they something left over.