Richie Williams

He will be a great QB for us next yr.
Love the option out of the shotgun,
very similiar to the 49ers with Steve Young
back in the 90's and the Current Falcons
with M. Vick

Steve Young never ran one play out of the shot gun in his entire career in San Fran.

Richie Williams = Potential!

So if we let Williams = Potential!


Eakin = hole in the bucket?

i think we should be keepin all 3 of ur qb's

Our Qbs are a disaster zone.
Just wait and see when our new GM unearths our new QB, and watch what a difference it makes to our O-Line, and RBs.

I would be disappointed if any of our 3 come back next year.
They were rotten this year.

"They" were rotten?
Eakin didn't even get to play all season.
And they should have pulled Williams at the end of this game.

And i still praise him. Yu shall trust how he is going to help us on. Richie, Richie, Richie, is like an hammer to a nail. Richie is a ten yarder. Plus a mistaken fake of an elusive phantom, when i'ts time too. Richie is a genius... and i hope not to meet him. But i believe i'm not wrong ! Just let him play...and you'll blame somebody !

Yea OK,whatever you say....

Dunna take fur granted the fact i believe. I am thankfull. Once, i made available statistics on RW at the Appalachians, which were mentioned on CHML. Once i delirated, plus i wrote that he had the potential to bring us to the grey cup. Now, more realisticaly, i hope he'll be given a chance to proove how great he is.
We will simply beneficiate from a well and dedicated young QB. Unless business flushes him out as usual: it's up to him to establish his worthship and let us know about the future of our fanship.

I'm not expert enough to talk about OL and DL, and subtlities of the game, but i still think we are missing Myers, who kicked fieldgoals at will. Quite a digression ? Hope.


Around Noam Chomsky, some people have advocated that'There are all sorts of filtering devices to get rid of people who are a pain in the neck and think independently.The real mass media are basically trying to divert people.All too often when we see someone perform an action without a name,
we rapidly forget its alien outlines and tailor our recall to fit the patterns dictated by convention...and conventional vocabulary.Almost every reality you “know? at any given second is a mere ghost held in memory '. Let me apologize for the inconsistencies in my posts and i wish all a great comeback year. Best topics ! At least Richie's getting the game in BC, at least, it will be a treat to be. Happy Halloween. He needs no disguisement.
Regards and hope, for that improved grasp on reality.

Fri, July 28. Winnipeg 29, Hamilton 0, EAKIN STARTS

Why do you think they should have pulled Williams at the end of the game? Didn't he complete a TD to Flick? Did he not show some great srambling ability?

What is your rationale for thse comments?

Richie should have the opportunity to start in the BC game. I think the kid has shown he has a ton of potential. All the great ones were given a chance, maybe, just maybe, he's the next Warren Moon. We'll never know unless we let him play.

Eakin will be starting in British Columbia Saturday.

The offence under Eakin did very well last week in the first quarter when we mixed up the running game with the passing my opinion, a lot of our problems this year have originated from the failure to develop a balanced attack ----> ergo, too predictable.

I suspect once we get the O-line in gear finally, our running attack/threat will open up great opportunities for the passing game. I was puzzled at the play calling last game when we were going for 40 + yard passes on first down especially since it was windy (usually a 50/50 proposition at best).......this put us in a hole on second down usually and the Winnipeg defence came after our QB every time in that scenario. We need 2nd and 3 or 4 to be effective and, if they rush, just dump it off in a screen or swing pass for the 3-4 yards...if they don't rush, a short pass to either Morreale or Lumsden would usually get us a first down.....or a pitch out to Lumsden in full flight.

In closing, effective use of Lumsden is really the key to our offence going forward in my opinion (assuming our O-Line is up to snuff)

Thank you and have a nice day. 8)

Go Cats Go!.....Hammer those Lions!

Could not have said it better than that, Mikey. Boxer