Richie Williams!

wow, i always knew canadians were gay.. guess Ockham just proved it

Attacking our country now, are you? Alrighty then.

So, you come from the Appalachians? In that case I guess it wouldn't even matter if you had a sister, you inbred little redneck, because if you did you would already be married to her.

Do your friends laugh at you, now that you've been forced to settle for your first cousin?

Another scintillating analytical thread

Gentlemen- why respond? This does nobody any good at all.

You know the definition of cute don't you. Ugly but (blank)able.

Fill in the blank for yourself.

This gets my nod for post of the

You mean riding the bench? Cuz that's all he's been doing.

He has zero CFL experience.

I'd like to see what he can do, but seeing as he hasn't had a chance yet, I hardly think you can call him a saviour.