Richie Williams!

This organization is retarded... thats all there is to be said. They start Maas who has thrown 7 TD and 17 INTS this season, awesome ratio.... my sister could do better than that. AND then his backup has NO touchdowns and 7 INTS, another good ratio... Both of these wanna-be's need to be benched. Cuz apparently these two "quarterbacks" do not know how to play football...

Richie Williams is the one quarterback on this team that has any clue what he's doing. Richie is the savior of this team! What the heck is this front office thinking!!! Get some testicular fortitude and put Richie in and quit wasting Hamilton's fan's money!!!!!!

Blah , Blah , blah

the season is gone, cut the dead weight of Maas and that other "quarterback" and put a true QB in there

sevenfootASU is richie williams

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i'm richie williams??? HAHAHA

i went to school with him at Appalachian... so I have seen what this guy can do

why the hell would Richie Williams sign onto this forum anyways? only a "quarterback" like maas would to take up for himself after this pathetic season

  • AppState07

Do you know MAAS personally, if not where do you get the right to make accusations about him and that he needs to defend himself using a alias. my post was a tongue in cheek jab at sevenfootASU because he has only ever posted about Richie. MAAS's ability this year has no bearing on his character but your post are sure an insight into yours.

i never questioned his charater idiot and i dont give a shit about what you think of mine. I said he isnt having a good season...its wonderful that he has had such success in past seasons but this year its been a waste. Ticats received a broken and injuried QB. who knows why you would continue to start a QB who is not fully recovered. and my right is my money i pay to watch him throw 17 interceptions ...jackass.

OK "reverend"... who else is there to post about besides Wayne Smith and DaVon Fowlkes and Richie Williams.... NO ONE!!! Your "boy" Maas is no good, and I have every right to down him cuz he sucks. His back-up is no good either... My posts come STRAIGHT from STATISTICS!! Ever heard of those??? That's how you rank people... a ******* monkey could see that Maas has no throwing ability and no mental apptitude what so ever.

Stating only MAAS would have to come on here and defend himself is taking a shot at his character.

WOW, you sure set me straight. I would have never seen your point if you did not call me JackA$$ or Idiot. Again very classy.

"stay classy San Diego"


My guess is the sevenfoot refers to his EGO.. go away moron, your idiotic dribble is not wanted here

A question to you and the other single-track-mind App State fans: Have any of you actually SEEN a CFL GAME? Arguably that's another foundation on which to base an opinion.

Also I don't think you're doing anything to help your pal's case. Probably not hurting it either. But you are annoying at least one Ticat fan who is growing weary of reading your repetitious, uninformed comments week after week.

Ya that was pretty funny

I don't know where you get the idea MAAS is my boy. I am also very dissapointed in his play up until now. Was just saying go after his play not him personally.

There are only a few games left. Once we are officially elminated from the play offs i am sure you will see Eakin and hopefully Williams get a shot.


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This thread is worthless without pictures.

this is interesting...

HalftheDistance - "idiotic dribble"... right... cuz its based on facts and stats... u make no sense

ExPat - in fact I have seen a CFL game, I have seen a Hamilton game nonetheless, and after I saw Maas play, I knew instantly that Richie would do better. AND I am not a TiCat fan cuz the team has shown me nothing... I am a fan of ASU Alumns until ur 'team' does better.

Reverend - I am not attacking Maas personally, I am attacking his game. Cuz up until now, he has shown nothing of what makes up a starting quarterback.

i dont have a sister dumba$$

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