Richie Williams released

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Quarterback Richie Williams has been released by the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, a source with knowledge of situation said last night.

Club officials were unavailable for comment but an official announcement is expected sometime tomorrow.

Williams spent three seasons with the Ticats after signing as a free agent with the Tiger-Cats in May, 2006. The 26-year-old native of South Carolina threw for just over 2,000 yards during his time in Hamilton, with 11 touchdowns and nine interceptions.

He started three games last season and two in 2007 but was never able to establish himself in the No. 1 job.

With the emergence of Quinton Porter and the signing of Kevin Glenn in March, there has been speculation about Williams' future with the club. The team also has pivot Adam Tafralis, who saw limited action in 2008, as well as free agent acquisitions Erik Meyer and Josh Betts.

Interesting to see who gets picked up first .... Williams or Printers.

I wouldn't be surprised if a few teams are interested in Williams. As opposed to nobody interested in Printers. I think he'd be a perfect fit in Calgary or TO. I would not object to the riders taking a look see.... but I doubt we will.

Toronto for sure, Joseph and Williams are both “sandlot” fearless runners.

As an Argo fan, I would welcome Williams with open arms if he came to Toronto. He has impressed me over the past couple years. Average arm, great speed and ability to scamper and run for first downs. He's also a very classy guy. I wish him well where ever he ends up.

Winnipeg will want to give him a look in training camp.

Williams was able to do some good things in a bad system, with a bad pass blocking o line. wonder what he will do in a proven offence ? MTL,or Calgary ?

edmonton are you listening sign Richie Williams NOW!!!!!!!!

I guess Williams was an "in-betweener", a bit too good to be a perennial 3rd stringer but not quite good enough in the Cats eyes anyways to ever be a legit no.1 and therefore shouldn't be given the opportunity to develop as such. Obviously I don't know much about football because he looked to me like a very potential no. 1 guy. Oh well, all the best Richie and do well!

i'm thinking the Riders would see more of an upside with Williams, rather than Printers. I haven't heard if Williams has a "caustic" attitude. Any Ti-cat fans know what kind of a person Williams is?

He's the guy everyone likes on their team. From all reports- Good attitude, hard worker, ego doesn't get in the way, helps others.

Richie is the total class act, even after he got hosed time after time he never complained, even after leading the team to a victory he said it was a whole team effort and not just him. He accepted his role and said that he was just holding the spot until Casey Printers got healthy again. He is just a great guy who always seems to have a smile on his face.

i hope they're deaf.

Williams deserves better.

Definite #2 man , but I don't think he will ever be a starter, but you never know.

I'm sure he'll land on his feet quickly. I think he has a fair amount of potential still.

How does "neither" grab you?

We don't need him. Our offence is built around pocket QBs like Ray and Maas, and doesn't rely on the QB needing strong scrambling ability. Plus we also have Zabransky and Juan Joseph signed, who is only 21 and has similar size to Richie Williams. Both around 6 foot 2 180-190 lbs. It's unlikely that the Esks bring 5 QBs to camp, but there are still a number of teams who I could see inquiring about Richie's services as a backup, like Toronto, Calgary, or even Winnipeg or Sask. My money would be on Toronto.

I have no idea why people keep saying that Toronto is interested in Williams. It would appear that the reverse is the case:

"Meanwhile, Rita said the Argos are not interested in quarterback Richie Williams, who was released by the Ticats yesterday. "Not particularly," Rita said. "We will add another one (before camp opens), but it will be a rookie. We have enough veterans (in Kerry Joseph, Cody Pickett and Reggie McNeal, who will probably line up at receiver again)."

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The Als don't need him. Calvillo is the starter, and we have the strongest stable of backup QBs we've had in the past 10 years. If QB depth were an issue, we wouldn't have had Brady retire to become our receivers coach.