Richie Williams=Potential

Today Williams was alrite, not bad but not spectacular, but for a young kid who hasnt played but a few reps sure looks like he has potential. He gets out the pocket when he needs to, he piks up the open men juz sum his throws were so so, but THE BEST PART was his long bom to DJ Flick, he actually LED THE RECIEVER, im sorry but i dont ever remember Maas leading a reciever its always 2 the other team or as Eakin threw it 2day, Flick ahd 2 come back and wait for it. This kid has a great arm when throwing long if we can work with him he rly reminds me of a Casey Printers type..Keep him and work with him u never know..wuts ur thoguhts

I think it would be interesting to see his potential if he actually got some blocking. The O-line was doing squat for him by the time he actually got in there....JMHO


If we can get a "go to" receiver, which then helps everyone else, combined with some decent up front blocking, I think Williams has all the tools, but too early to say just yet.

Sure looks like Williams has the potential to be a very good QB. I think they should keep him and allow him to develop. What bothers me is that the coaching staff have let Williams sit on the bench all season while Maas showed no improvement at all. He should have been the #2 QB and given lots of work during practice so he could have replaced Maas. Surely the coaches knew that Williams had the talent to at least be competitive? How could he have done any worse than Maas?
Maybe Williams would have kick-started the rest of the offence too. I still believe the rest of the offence just gave up on Maas and Pao Pao way back at the beginning of the season.

I HATE the shotgun formation they put Williams in though, when your O-line sucks as bad as ours, that formation is death to the running game. I think Williams did a great job, don't get me wrong. I loved what he did with the ball, but we need to get a little more creative than one formation in his utilization. Let's get some I-form going.

They said on TV that's the kind of formation he's comfortable with because that's the offence he ran in college.

Where's that whole Appalachian gang that used to post on here? They seemed to be able to turn any thread into a plea to play Williams. Odd that they don't even participate on the Williams threads.

Maybe they've been banned from the site - although I didn't realize that being tedious and somewhat obnoxious could get you banned.

With all my respect, i'll let you note that RW played honestly against Winipeg. After half a quarter season long, considering no excuses for his underthrow to Vaughn, his pass to Flick was well orchestrated. One may consider he had good protection and threw a perfect strike to DJ. That ' ain't much ' brightens up the future even though he danced at the end on the same patterns Maas did all year. On paper this team is very valuable. RW may bring up that chemistery and be abble to repeat, if not enhance, his previous ( not tiedious) performances. And may be we'd rather get old than whole ? Anyway previous posts answer that better than i. OK

say that again in English please, Yoda.

Yeah, Knickick, that made no sense.

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Listen, i am talking about what i see, not yer midnight ramblers, and if your looking for what ya are, then i’ve got the guts to retell ya i’m talking about a QB. Not you ! I knew i was to get picked up. As for sense forgive my french ! regards. And i reiteate that post which was quiet honest on my part. and less wicky than the fact that language can be ! Once AGAIN we’ve got a quarterback why loose him. OK Mr Maas ! Williams will be !

well thanks expat...i believe thats the nicest thing u've ever said on here to the "Appalachain gang" . I have been reading threads daily and keeping up with everything. i dont believe we have to say a thing

...actions speak louder than words

Expat - tell me whats tedious, how about going 4-14? Or how about keeping a qb in the game who has thrown 4 times as many ints. as tds. Is that tedious enough. Do you want more majors? (I guess thats touchdowns) How about putting in the guy who's explosive. You, the guy who's thrown a 48 yd td or the guy who has run20 yds. from the line of scrimmage. No, we can't do that we have to leave the guy in there who throws more INTS. That makes alot of sense. is that tedious?, huh? Peace

Trust me, I would be thrilled if Williams turns out to be the next CFL mega-star and all his long-time fans jump on this board to gloat every every blow-out victory.

My point was that you fellas seem to have missed the boat here. Finally everyone wants to talk about Williams and you are all silent. Whereas all year long you've been jumping onto unrelated threads and trying to change the subject, predictably portraying Williams as the answer to all our problems.

This is your big chance! Let's hear what you have to say!

Hmmm...Let's see.

Richie Williams was 2 for 6, for 46 yards including a 48 yard TD pass to Flick. That means his only other completion was for -2 yards.

Honestly though, the way that O-line played I'd give RW the benefit of the doubt.

Again, we have to say nothing.

but i will if you’d like:
i still believe he needs to start instead of being thrown in late in the game down. Let him start and let him play his game. the o-line needs to step up and I guarantee Richie Williams would outplay Jason Maas anyday. blah blah about experience…sometime it takes talent and balls…something maas seems to lack

One thing Maas does not lack is balls.

(or is that two things?)

captain crack. dude he was put in near the end of the third quarter...Losing...the rest of players were tired...and the o-line was about pathetic. first play from scrimmage williams bust out a 20-yard run....shhhhiiiiiii. then longest TD pass of the season BY THE 3rd STRING QB....ha ..yeah, let's see.

captain crack, how do you know jason maas has balls...