Richie Williams or Timmy Chang

Slow day, so I thought I would send this out.

Long term, who is the better prospect in your opinion Williams or Chang?

Short term advantage Williams as he had some early success last year where Timmy did not. Also short term if Casey was to go down, the offensive game plan would not need to change a whole lot for Williams. For this reason I think Ritchie will be #2 on the depth chart this year.

Long term I prefer Chang. I have confidence that he has learned from his failures of last year and I feel that he has the higher upside. I can see Timmy one day as the starting QB for the after Casey!

I Feel Ritchie has More Upside.
Timmy Chang not Tommy Is till an Unknown
(Tommy Chong was in the Cheech and Chong Movies)

you can't write it him off for at least 1 more season.

Ritchie has already showing Early Signs of being a Great CFL QB
Timmy Not so far.
All we can do is hope he comes around soon.
Until Then Ritchie is #2

bring back Donny McManus!

Hard to say. I like both.

Richie looks cool and Chang looks confident.

I'd call it a toss up. Richie's scrambling vs. Timmy's vision.

Williams has started and moved the ball.

Chang has started and looked scared.

Consequently, Williams is the #2 for sure.

And Chang will no doubt have to beat out a young gun Obie brings into camp for #3.

I'll be rooting for Timmy, because I think he has talent, but he lacked experience and protection last year. (You could say the same thing about Williams, but Richie is creative with his feet and throwing delivery, which served him well when the pocket broke down on him).

Remeber that Williams watched and learned from the bench for a season and a half before he really got a chance. If Chang is willing to put in the same effort to learn, then we'll see some real competition for the number 2 spot. Hopefully we'll see some improvement from Chang in his second season. Right now I'd have to say Williams gets the future nod simply because he has learned the nuances of the Canadian game.

I like your reference to protection.
With a less than stellar O-Line last year it was tough for a pocket passer like Chang to feel comfortable. Williams is a more naturally elusive QB who was able to improvise a little better.
With the line hopefully improving, this might also lead to helping out Chang and giving him a chance to use his vision and check-offs better.
We will see.

Williams is the #2 guy for now imo because of his game experience. We have to have experience at back up especially if Printers goes down to any injury. It is a long season. Chang still needs to watch and learn.

Printers was #1 last year, but Richie looked more like #1. I think Richie will be hot on Printer back at camp witch may spell good for the team.

Chang will be gone this year. I saw no hope at all for him with this team when he played last season.

Chang will not play a meaningful down this season....