Richie Williams old team beating the mighty Wolverines!

I was just watching the Score and saw that Richie's old team is handing the mighty Wolverines the butt's on a plate.

Pretty impressive, a Division 1A school being beaten by a Division AA school. It's a rare match up and an even more surprising score.


Not just that, Michigan is ranked #5 in the nation and Appalachian State is a "Division I Championship Subdivision" Team now :roll: lol

Huge upset. Good for them in their first big league game.

furthermore, this means that the wolverines are pretty much eliminated from being in the national championship now... one game into their season... (my buddy is a michigan fan... he was slightly upset...hahaha)

the won by 2points
and the reason the won was because the end on the oline went for the outside man leaving the inside wide open allowing the mountaniers to block the kick

Wayne Smith also went to appalachian state