richie williams in talks with miami

i’ve been loosely following richie’s career since appstate and found this tidbit . . . .

Let me draw your attention to two further players that Miami has been doing the background on; the first is Yale offensive tackle Darius Dale who is a cousin of Jerry Rice. Likely to be a free agent, he’s started four years at tackle; two on the right side and the final two on the left earning Ivy League honours along the way. He’s not a prospect I’ve seen, but is well thought of and considering Coach Sparano’s connections to that area, especially with regards the OL, I would imagine that we will be at the Bulldogs forthcoming pro day.

The other player is a quarterback which sort of brings me nicely into the second section of this weeks blog; Miami have been in contact with the single season and career passing record holder at Appalachian State, Richie Williams who’s currently plying his trade in Canada with the Hamilton Tiger Cats. At 6’3, 190, he completed 60% of his passes last season behind starter Casey Printers. Renowned for his ability on the ground as well as through the air, this may just be a case of due diligence.

I thought the window (end of season - Feb 15th?) for players in their option year to sign in the NFL has already passed.

not exactly sure how that works but legal loop holes can be found anywhere.

There is currently no agreement with the NFL IIRC

Richie can sign with whoever he wants after Glenn signs in Hamilton and Williams is simultaneously released.

I hope Richie is given the chance to compete for a place on Our Team.

He has proven he is a Team Player and well liked by the fans and the players. He brings an element of excitement to the game.

Kevin Glenn brought in to mentor? Can Khari Jones not coach and mentor?

Will we go into camp with 6 QB's? I doubt all the training and "promise" will be wasted and we go around again with another learning curve!

what do the coaches not see in ritchie?
the fans love him...
the players love him, you can see when he goes in the huddle the guys want to play for him...
he has experience with the team already and you sure don't see or hear about him crying about not playing behind printers who was a waste of time and money...
and he would have had better results if guys could catch....
porter and him would be a great pocket passer and one that can scramble when needed to shake this up alittle.....doesn't anyone remember a great, exciting combo like that from years gone by.....clements and holloway.

Its not what they don't see in richie, it's what they see in every other QB we have. Plus if we bring in Glenn as well wat're we gunna do have 6 QB's? obviously not. WIlliams is good but if he get's cut then it's probably because the coaches think that the other QB's can take this team further. And as for WR's we have great WR's so let's not diss them cuz ur a Williams fanboy. Prechae Rodriguez is amazing, Chris Davis is good, Chris Bauman is good, Willie Quinnie is great, Eddie Cohen is ok, Earnest Jackson is ok, Johnny Morant im not sure, and Scott Mitchell is great. Let's not go saying that if we started Willams last season we'd have been much better because it's just not true. We were too weak in the DL and OL for a QB who was at the time better Trafalis and Porter and on the same level with Printers to make a difference. By the end of the season Porter had really shown who the best QB was on the current roster. Not only does he have eagle eye precision, but he can run too. As for Trafalis he seems ok from what i've seen of him and I haven't yet seen Betts or Meyer play. Glenn is proven as good. Obie wouldnt bring in Betts and Meyer to release them so they woulldn't go if Glenn signs, Porter's proven himself so he wont be released, Trafalis has demonstrated flashes of greatness so obviously the coaches will want to see more of what he can do. As for Williams, he's the odd man out. He's had his chances and has performed decwently but not enough to stand out as a starter. T

William's is a great kid. Trys...But the coaches see what they see...a QB with a side arm delivery and limited arm strength. To get to the next level we need players that have more ability and better technique. The idea of Williams making an NFL roster is hillarious...Never going to happen. Not saying that to be cruel. Just the way it is...

A guy that's barely hanging onto a roster spot on a 3-15 CFL team is going to make the Dolphins? If you believe that, I have a piece of swamp land just outside of Yellowknife you may be interested in....

An Argo-Cat fan

You got that right Barney...

Richie seems to be a really nice guy and loved by all BUT he throws like my sister in fact Sis throws the deep corner route better.

Richie is basically a RB who can throw a bit.....good for division 2 NCAA
Bad for 3 down CFL Football

"Just thinkin' out loud here", if I'm to accept this argument...then all the scouting on this guy...all the training...all the promise...was for not! :roll:

Again, my only wish is for the guy to come to camp and compete!

Not every back up QB becomes a successful starting QB.

Some are back ups for few years and that serves a purpose. Nothing wrong with that.

I like Richie but in the past, people have compared his stats to Printers and they are almost identical.

Richie has led us to a couple victories but it had more to do with defense than anything.

Richie has come into the game in the pass and sparked the team for a series or two. Then the team struggles to move the ball again.

Richie is a nice guy but if we are talking the business of football, then he's going to be out. The future is Porter, Tafralis and a vet. This is how we need to go forward.

I believe Richie, along with Timmy Chang and Kevin, had been given enough chance to prove himself. The Cats don't have 7 years to wait like the Argos with Bishop.

It's tough to develop people in the CFL as there are only 8 teams and your fans want to win. Rebuilding sucks for the fans. I personally am tired of the completely different rosters of the last 3 years. I think we have a core to build around from last year.

Richie will float around just like Chang now. He's a cheap 3rd stringer who can be brought into someone's camp to give the back up a push.

Unfortunately Williams is not in the plans of the Ticats. If he was, we wouldn't be bringing in 2 more QBs to camp plus trying to bring in Glenn.

It would be a waste for him to be on the practice roster.

I don't expect to see Richie at camp. There are some glaring omissions in the article about Khari Jones in the Spec today. Namely, Richie isn't mentioned at all. Porter is essentially declared the starter with Trafalis either 2nd and a rookie 3rd or Glenn in the number 2 spot and Trafalis 3rd. It doesn't look like Richie is even in the plans.

Too bad, I liked the guy. I would also like to see him get a chance. But I am trusting the coaches must have seen something I didn't to be moving in this direction.

Here is the link to the article.

Agreed... and will be better with Porter throwing to him all year.

Wow....your glass is always half full isn't it! For you to call Quinnie GREAT I guess that his two lifetime catches must have been really special!

Davis is a cast off, Quinnie and Morant are cast off from a team whose best receiver is their third string QB, Bauman has promise but stone hands, the others are mainly filler.

How many Ticat receivers have 1000 yd seasons?

Obie has done alot to improve the roster....but unless he gives Porter guys to throw to, the cats will have problems moving the ball.

More importantly, Porter is going to need adequate pass protection.

Also a good point.....

Richie Williams has demonstrated many positive attributes during his time as a Ticat:
-his ability to run for a first down when needed
-his deceptive play action/quarterback option handoffs are outstanding
-his elusiveness in the pocket can buy him time to make a play
-he is accurate on short to medium passes and can hit the long passes from time to time
-he is a team player who is well liked by his teammates

There are also a few things that he needs to improve upon:
-his sidearm delivery makes it easier for defenders to knock down his passes;
-he needs to be more consistent in his long passing game;
-in a couple of games over the past two years he had a problem with clock management.

Some Ticat fans, including this writer, would like to see Williams come to training camp to challenge for the one of three quarterbacking positions. Despite his three years of experience with the Ticats he is, surprisingly, the second youngest of the five quarterbacks on the current roster. He is still young enough to learn and improve. But there have been quite a few clues in the past several months to suggest that he may not be in the Ticats' plans:

-the new Ticat head coach for the final eight games last year, Marcel Bellefeuille, did not use Williams;
-in a television interview several weeks ago, Ticat president Scott Mitchell mentioned Quinton Porter and Adam Tafralis and said the signing of two new quarterbacks would be announced shortly but he did not mention Williams;
-in the past month or so, Ticat GM Bob O'Billovich has been trying to obtain Kevin Glenn, partly due to his experience and partly due to his familiarity with Bellefeuille and Mike Gibson (and Khari Jones);
-Bellefeuille did not mention Williams when discussing the Ticat quarterback situation earlier this week.

While it might be expected that a football organization will be silent on some matters about the team, it was very surprising that Steve Milton did not mention Williams' name or even ask about him in his Spectator article yesterday about the Ticat quarterbacks. He basically states that Quinton Porter is number one (and he has rightly earned a shot at it given his play last year), that Tafralis is number two unless Glenn is signed, and that a rookie will be with the team most of the year. Here is the link to his article.

Might it be the case that the Ticats have already given Williams an opportunity to look elsewhere for potential employment even though he is apparently still under contract? Might be it why a story has emerged about the Miami Dolphins doing "due diligence" on Williams? Only the Ticats and Richie Williams know for sure.