Richie Williams highlight video

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it dont work

yes it does...

and its awesome (he looks good in ticat colours too... must have been prep for Wayne Smith and Richie... lol)


As Napoleon Dynamite says "Sweet" He has got some good skills and I hope he cracks the roster. He has been impressive in camp and hope to see more of him.

how come i cannot veiw it?? it comes up a box saying multimedia centre and in the bottem left it says done.. but just a blank black screen??

k i jus seen the video, the veiw suked but they looked like big plays, plus there jerseys r almost identical to ours, crazy.

I think he looks average at best.He doesnt throw a very good spiral,I wish him luck though,maybe I am wrong I'm no scout.

ToddKing, Be as critical as you want. But watching him for three yrs. against the best talent in college football states otherwise. He is far from average as you will find out.Look at post on pg.2 "Todays the Big Day" Take Care

I've just got a feeling that we will all remember the year 2006 when R.Williams started in the CFL,but it'll be Richie Williams not the other guy! :cowboy:

i hope he see's lotsa action during preseason to boost his confidence,

What really impressed me is his ability to throw off his front foot while on the run with something on the ball.Not alot of QB's can do that.

Since when does App. St play the best talent in college football? If I recall right are'nt they Div1AA? Not exactly top level platers