Richie Williams back in pro sports

Out of the fire and into the pits

Sean Fitz-Gerald, National Post · Thursday, Sept. 30, 2010

They do not pay Richie Williams to get hit by the car, but it happens. He was nicked in a race last year because he was a split-second too slow jumping over the protective barrier and into pit lane, where he earns a living by spending up to 15 seconds changing a tire in the middle of what is essentially highway traffic.

The lions sure could use him.

Good read ... Richie is a class act.

Good for him :slight_smile:
would love to have him replace Porter on the roster and as second QB though.He was a pretty good scrambling QB, he was just here at the wrong time.The time when we were sick to death of losing and had zero patience.
Much luck to Richie in his new career :thup:

I'll echo what others have said. He is a great guy and I'm happy for him. But I think if I had his talent I'd play football rather than dodge speeding cars. :wink:

He was doing pretty good i thought , outplayed Printers and Maas, all the talk about his side arm delivery??

reminds me of the 2nd string QB in Ottawa back in the 90's , Outplayed Damen Allen and got cut for it :roll:

Good to see R.W. land on his feet(so to speak :stuck_out_tongue:

I always liked him but who knows the full story.

All the best to him for sure. :thup:

Good post, interesting story.