Richie Williams and Jason Armstead

I couldn't help thinking after yesterdays game that the only two bright spots were Richie Williams and Jason Armstead. Anyone agree?
Williams, in the few times he has played, has showed good composure and an ability to make a play when needed. Quite an improvement over what we saw until he came in...and it did not look to me as if the A___'s defence let up on him one bit. Real potential.
Chang does not look like he will be ready to start by next season. Maas is history. Keep Williams and get Printers or some other proven starter.
Armstead looks like a good prospect. I liked the way he fought for the ball and then fought when he got it. I sure hope the coaching staff don't do to him what they did to Corey Holmes. Whatever system they use has proved to be wrong-headed so far this season.

Armsteads not really a prospect but I kinda disagree with you. I thought his kick/punt returning was pretty awful especially compared to what Corey Holmes did in Saskathewan on Sunday afternoon. I disagree with your Armstead judgement however I didn't get to see Williams play I was simply too busy leaving Ivor Wynne.

Armstead? If you ask me, his effort was inconsistent and his attitude after plays that didn't go well was brutal. He was blaming teammates, sulking when he didn't get the ball when he thought he was open and clearly isn't the answer in terms of leadership that this team needs.

I was impressed with a few plays when he demonstrated his quickness and agility, but something has to be done about that attitude.

I appreciate your thoughts AMG...I couldn't see Armstead's demeanour from the TV coverage.
Also..."sulking because he didn't get ball when he was open"? He obviously didn't do his homework when he came. Thats what this team has been all about!

Watching Armstead try and return kicks was like watching that other guy we used to have #5 -I completely forget the guys name. And no that isn't a compliment and I luv how everyone has the anointing oil out for Williams -he played what, one series in mop up duty, which I missed btw.

I'm not saying he didn't have a right to be frustrated because clearly he was open and didn't get the ball on more than one occasion. I'm just saying I didn't like the way he'd throw his hands up in the air or shrug his shoulders when he didn't get the ball. He was showing up his teammates and it doesn't matter what the circumstances are, you don't do that.

I think he's good and has loads of potential, but his attitude needs to improve.

Thought I would give you guys an "outsider" view on Ritchie Williams.
I hardly think the annointing oil needs to come out, but every time the kid has gone in (over the last 3 years) he has done nothing but play well.
Sure it has been mostly in garbage time, but he can't help that.
All he can do is play as well as he can when called upon, and hopefully eventually the coaches will move him up on the depth chart.
Anyway, the kid has the physical skills to be a good one.
Now you wait and see...

Craig Yeast?

Personally I thought the Argo defence did let up on Williams. Tho' I did like his little scramble to the side on the 3rd down.

Armstead was inconsistent. He COMPLETELY missed a long ball from Maas ... he let up on his run and he was maybe 2 strides out or could have stretched to catch it. Argo defence was at least 4 steps behind. He really shoulda had it. Then 2 plays later he had a great reception and agilly missed a couple of tackles. Almost as tho' he was atoning for his lack of getting the deep ball.

I like Armstead! Unlike Holmes he'll be on the field for offence too. Maas just overthrew him on a slant and go and he threw his hands in the air. Of course he did we just missed an opportunity for a big play and a sure TD. He's not putting the blame on anyone he's merely saying we had a chance for a big play. Another time Maas tried to scramble and Armstead was waving his arms to try and get his attention. Maas got sacked and there was no one around Armstead for 20 yards. Just because you throw your hands in the air doesn't mean you're blaming someone else. Armstead seemed more alive then Holmes did when he was returning punts for us and letting the ball go into the endzone is not a bad thing. The alternative is to start deep in your end which we don't want considering our offence. You try to establish field position so if you are forced to punt you don't have to give up a saftey or give your opponents good field position.

I'm talking about his actions and body language after the play....not during the play (i.e. calling for a pass).

I also like Armstead and I have no problem with his decision making in regards to giving up the extra point.