Richie OFFICIALLY named Defensive Coordinator

this time it is for real.. no Sportsnet false news.

thank god!

I believe this is the best thing for the Riders as we are going to get better. :rockin:

Glad to have Richie Back in the fold.

Also Craig Dickenson has signed on as the Special Teams Coordinator. He was with the Raiders last year, and Ford ran a couple back, so hopefully he can get those guys going for us.

About time already!!

Great hire for the Riders, I have long thought Richie to be the #1 D/C in my time watching the CFL, which goes back to the late 50s. Yes, I rank him ahead of Stubler.

And I particularly love that picture on the site here. . . Richie Hall talking to Eddie Davis. . . probably my two all time favourite Riders.

Agreed Madjack. Oh how sweet it would be if Eddie got into coaching. I don't think it will happen though, and if it does I bet it's with Calgary.

Agreed totally Billy, I always thought Eddie would make a terrific coach for the secondary, and eventually graduate to a defensive coordinator. He sure has the football smarts. Always thought of him as a very cerebral player (and a treat to watch play the game; I'm hard pressed to think of a defensive back any better).

The other good news about this hire? Mrs MadJack now owes me $100. . .

While Richie Hall is one of the nicest people in the world, he is hardly a saviour.
I am worried that, like Richie's constant use of the no-rush prevent defence in past years, Rider fans will once again be praying to hold on to a lead at the end of the game.
For critics of Etch's personnel decisions, Richie is also notorious for his love of under-sized defenders... all inappropriate jokes aside, he was partially responsible for allowing Trevis Smith - a pityful LB - to start at MLB for several seasons.

I love Richie but I'm not sold on his defences.
Hopefully he can bring back a strong run-stopping defence.

Actually I thought the hiring of Craig Dickenson was a bigger deal. You’re getting a ST coordinator who had some pretty good special teams in Calgary. He’s certainly be a huge improvement over Daley. Either than or you’ll discover that it really is the players and not the coaches who are the problem. :wink:

I disagree completely with this post. Yes there were times where Richie put in his prevent defences, but by and large he kept teams out of the endzone. As for Trevis Smith, while he was never spectacular, he was a solid MLB who was steady. And more importantly Hall was not the one who was scouting and recruiting players, Richie put the best players he was given on the field, if Roy never brought a better LB for him to play then what was Richie going to do.

Richie Hall is without a doubt the best Defensive Co-ordinator we have had in my lifetime, and while bend but don't break defence can be hard on the nerves, it does produce results (2007 Grey Cup anyone).

Two absolutely great hires for Sask…

this is great news of course that hall is back.. but im also excited that we may have a real special teams coach in this dickenson character

My fear in bringing Hall back is that he will be gone at the first HC job that opens, and we lost a pretty decent DC in Etch. We struggled at times on D last year, but that was generally when the offense didn't move the ball. Tough on any D when you are on the field 22 minutes of a half.

We haven't neccesarily lost Etch, he may stay on as D-Line Coach

I believe they filled the D-line coach job did they not? Etch is talking with the University of Windsor at any rate. wish him luck.

No, there has been no anouncement on DL coach. It could be Scheper, last years coach, or Etch. If he doesn't go to Windsor I would expect him to stay with the Riders.

Well, as all the other D/C spots have now been filled, he wouldn't seem to have much choice but to return to the Riders if he doesn't go to Windsor. Unless he wants to take a year off. . .