Richie Hall

So, do we miss him yet? Do we really think CC is a replacement? Just sayin'

Well Chamblin now has a built in excuse for a poor season if it ends up being one with DD going down.

It is not like Hall's d was stunning yesterday. Don't crucify their after one game...but they definitely have something to prove

No he doesn't. The offense scored enough points and had the lead long and late enough to win, the D couldn't close the deal. Plus I think we've got decent enough QBs to carry us (although having a good no. 3 is concerning now). When the D has first significant contact at or behind the LoS and don't have a tackle (repeatedly), that's a colossal fail.

Chamblin wanted his own Defense not Richie's, got to wonder exactly what he wants as his D can't tackle and were worse than last year?
looks like only 1 change on special teams from last year a decent punter and nothing else and Dyce is still here ?
Penalties, Penalties, Penalties,
Chamblin this is a reflection on you and your coaching staff as you have no discipline with your team ?
this should have been established in training camp.
in Chamblin's defense the season just started, i'll give him 4 games.
can somebody provide a link as to where I can access the penalty sheet to see who and what penalties

Dyce is dropping the ball (no pun intended), it was a gong show in preseason and doesn't look like he's getting it under control yet.

Here is the game log

[url=] ... 150627/log[/url]

Looks like some fans are already calling for his head over in Bomber land, lol. One loss and they hate him now…should be interesting.

this appeared it todays Leader post,

Chamblin reaffirmed Thursday that he has taken a hands-on role with the Roughriders’ defence.
“The strength of me is being a defensive coach and a defensive head coach,? said Chamblin, who works closely with defensive co-ordinator Greg Quick.

looks to me like he's putting the poor defense on Greg Quick, same way he di with Hall last year ?

The issue is that our defense is the only thing that got us to the playoffs last year after durant went down and they also were solid when Durant was in. Lol he can blame whom ever he wants but he is the one that wanted Hall gone and he is the one that made all the calls on who to get on D this year so the sh** that he flings is only going to stick on him.

As I said a good head coach may have his strengths in one area but also has to be diverse enough to realize that other parts of the team are just as important, that is why he is the head coach instead of the defensive or offense coach. Chamblin seems to forget this fact . If you don't have faith in the guys you hire to run those teams then either you did a bad job in bringing them in or you trying to do their job for them. If that is the case then probably you are doing a bad jobB as a head coach.

Dyce has never excelled at any of his roles. That's why it floored me that he still had a job when Chamblin cleared house. I figured more than anyone else he should have been shown the door first.

Likely just kept him on as a puppet..."let him keep his job but you'll do as i say" kind of deal

Either that or he has some video tape of Chamblin in a compromising situation. Our special teams have taken a nosedive ever since Dyce took over.

Richie can only do so much with what he has.

Hurl is not a MLB of high caliber. There DB's got shredded for a lot of pass yards/

They gave up 450 yards against us...................another 400+ last night so there is significant work for Richie to do. Bomber schemes seem pretty plain that to the constant 7-8 guys in the box by the Cats. It was confusing to figure out who would blitz?

We miss Richie but we have new coordinator. Our D was okay last minus tackling allowing a lot of extra yards. Toss in losing Shea and the Bombers seized the opportunity.

Agree that the problems on defense last week were all about execution - and fundamentals at that - and had nothing to do with scheme.

The best scheme is the world will fail hard if the players can’t or won’t wrap up.

The frustrating part is that the defense didn’t have to dominate. The offense put up 497 yards and they lost by 4 points. The defense only needed to be average and it would have been a relatively routine win. Winnipeg did not have a single 2-and-out in the entire game!

I can’t tell you whether the scheme was good or bad. The scheme can not be judged with such poor execution. Let’s see the lads tackle properly. THEN we can assess how the gameplan is working.

they made a LOT of contact near the LOS...that is encouraging....I do question if a pad light camp was a factor in sloppy tackling...this game will tell a lot more. I was more worried about the blitz packages...a factor in that is a young canadian starting against a drastically improved line for the Bombers...that allowed them to concentrate on the other guys more. A game of plays to rewatch and be coached on will help a lot...also...looks like Tennant is back, which should help.

REALLY mixing it up on D in practice today...also, i think taj is nicked and will sit.