Richie Hall

What say you after one game? He's taken alot of heat, me being one of the detractors. This D looks like the D of yesteryear, that Ritchie was so well known for. A better test will be against BC, but I liked what I saw last night. Wish Hawkins was more noticeable, and some sloppy secondary defense with long bomb available. Otherwise pretty solid. I like the wink that TSN caught on TV, Ritchie is in it to win it.

Well after game 2 the D is looking awesome. Wow that was lights out D. The big test is coming up in Game 3 against BC. I'm glad they have some practice time to prepare.

happy it is not a short practice week. The D has looked good, but has also played 2 Os that were struggling...they still played great, just saying. I have been impressed how they swarm to the ball. Chamblin and Hall, at this point, appear to have put a solid collective touch on the D, but Barron Miles, thus far, is the unsung hero. Night and day coverage improvement so far over last season.

Didn't Hurt that Jyles/Joseph were completely inaccurate. I'm excited and apprehensive to see these dbs tested by BC's weapons.

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Ed an article on Ritchie.

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