Richie Hall

A topic came up around the water cooler today, what do you think Richie Hall makes as DC? A guy of his caliber and ability, I would think $200,000 - $300,000?? Is that out of line for OC and DC's? What about head coaches? I would hope he well appreciated in terms of finances, considering it has nothing to do with the SMS.

I would have to guess that they would be paying Richie a little under what Coach Miller is making. Richie is ready to be a head coach and they have to be paying him well to stay.

Mr. Richie Hall is my idol....Dedicated to his craft, a rock solid professional and a great role model for all coaches.....
I believe Richie Hall should get credit for 4 of our 7 wins this season, and would hope his pay structure reflects this

When ET came to the Riders three years ago, one of his goals was to bring the assistant coach's salaries in line with other teams, so Hall's salary would be comparable to other teams DC's.

Last year, when kent left he acknowledged that he was getting paid the same, as a CFL HC, as an OC in NCAA, which is about 300G's.

Im sure he does alright lol

I hope he is one of the higher paid co-ordinators in the league.

He is the best at what he does.


I don't think he is head coach material, I might be wrong but that is just what I think.

I’m not posting this to argue or start a fight or anything and i realize its just an opinion. But i was wondering what makes u think he isn’t head coach material?

Your the first person i’ve heard say that.

Ken Miller might be in the 200-300 range. Richie is likely in the 150-200 vicinity.

We love you Richie!!!

Keep winning us games. You deserve to stay with us until you have at least 5 or 6 rings.