Richie Hall to be named Eskimoes head coach

Well congrats to Richie I wish you the best, except against the Riders.
What will this do for our free agent linebacking core, which free agents follow Richie, who fills this void. Discuss.

Finally this guy gets the promotion he deserves. Good for him. And even better for the rest of the league, since we won't have to deal with his fierce defenses anymore! :smiley:

Of all the assistant coaches, position coaches, and coordinators in the CFL, Richie Hall is far and away my favourite (Vince Martino in Montreal would be #2).

So I am happy for him to finally get his shot at being head man.

I wish him all the luck in the world (except against the Als and Cats).

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...according to tsn....Hall is the esks. new head-coach.....supposed to be officially confirmed this afternoon...Good luck Ritchie :thup: ...Dancing Danny awaits.... :lol.... :lol:

Congrats to Richie.. he not only is a quality coach, but a quality person, and the players will play for him. He has more than paid his dues, its great to finally see him get a shot at being a head coach. This is the biggest loss for the Riders this off-season.

Now the question is who will the Rider's find as a replacement?

And a quality community guy. Wow this is a kick in the teeth losing Richie, but he deserves the opportuinity.

Here is an example of Richie's community efforts:


Seems to me I posted it elsewhere, but my guess would be Gary Etcheverry. Had a good record in seasons' past as a DC, and my guess is that ET brought him in last year as insurance in case Richie left, which has now come to pass.

No Doug Berry? No Rick Campbell? WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! What a scary month or so wondering who was going to run this team back into the ground.

Ritchie should definitely help out our defence. Just don't forget about our offence. :wink:

:-(.... BOOO...

Good luck to Richie Hall, but we will sure miss you in Saskatchewan.

Going to miss you Ritchie. Your defence brought home the cup for us. A great football mind.

Who will the Riders get??
I wouldn't be upset if Marshall gets the nod.

It will be someone who is connected to Tillman.

Congrats Richie! I would like to test out marshall but i think Madjack is right with his guess of Gary Etcheverry

Uh, with Ray leading your offense, I don't think you have to worry. :slight_smile:

I am already afraid of next year's Eskimos.

well Hall. it was nice liking you!

now you're with the Esks.. you're an arch enemy!

ahaha, me too. I sense the Evil Empire is slowly making a return.

Goodbye, Ritch.

I am so sad today that the Riders are losing Mr. Hall, but I would like to wish him all the best in his new job. If anyone in the league deserved this opportunity, I believe that it is Richie. The esks are getting an excellent coach and an even better human being.


I personally hope he fails miserably and everything crumbles..

You take your football pretty seriously... :expressionless: :lol: