Richie Hall still coaching with Riders but not sure how..

So Chamblin has said that Hall will be part of the defensive Staff but he hasn't said if he's the DC or not.

this was tweeted from Jamie Nye.

I don't know quite what to say..

I'm ok with it, actually.
He's historically quite good in the position, and if Taman can get him some acceptable talent on the D-Line, and a decent shut-down corner, I'd like to see what Richie can do with it. Its easy to blame the coordinator, but he only has so many fingers that he can use to plug holes in the dam.

I hope we have a new DC.

the D did fairly well last year actually. They struggled out of the gate, which should be expected with an entirely new game plan (or rather with a game plan…as Etch was kinda a freestyle kind of guy). later in the season it is hard to fault a D when they are on the field 75% of the game, and don’t exactly get inspired by the output of the O. there was a big void at rush end last year as well, something I believe is going to be fixed this year. The 2 main focal points for the Riders this season will be LBs…Simpson and potentially Freeman. Simpson I think could be replaced by Lloyd, but in all honesty, I would like to see more of McCullough. I believe he is one of the most under-rated players in the CFL. Freeman on the other hand…lets just hope they can somehow re-sign him, because that would be a really tough blow (although they could probably put Rowe there)!

Yes Richie Hall's kind of "bend but don't break Defense" worked well when we had Morgan and Davis in the secondary with Shultz and Chick on the Line but now when our best Corner is Jackson who's probably gassed when also doing Kick return and punt return duties and having a revolving door of no shows at DE probably doesn't help Richies system, its all about the personal you get.

I think we need a new DC - new ideas - fresh motivation. Richie can remain as the DB coach but bring in young new coaching talent as we did on the offensive side of the ball.

I always thought that Eddie Davis would make one fine DB coach, and perhaps later a D/C. . .

Nick Graham re-signing with the Riders sure won't help with the personnel issues. The guy got lit up every time he played.

If that's the best talent that Richie is going to get, we may well see a new DC very soon.

Just heard on the radio Richie, Alex and Mike retain their positions and Baron Miles is the new DB coach. Must say I am dissappointed in RH being retained as DC but I want nothing more than Richie to prove me wrong. Looking forward to this season.

More than happy to retain Richie as the DC.The man is very well respected in the CFL community (where it really counts) and creates very good defences. Give him some better personnel and our defence will be fine. And hit-em-hard I understand your greviance with Nick Graham, but remember he is young at 27. He did a lot of things well for us last year, but like you said did get torched more then twice. Most of those were double moves, and frankly that is a learning issue. I want to give him another look and see if he can fix that. That is one thing Richie is usually good at is placing his guys in a position where if they need help they have it.