Richie Hall our new dc?

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That would be swell

He should be Upgrade over what we have now..

interesting, i wouldnt be surprised to see Danny Barret as our OC either, i saw him at a STM game a few weeks ago.

but yea, Richie Hall would be a nice find at DC, hopefully T.O or WPG dont offer him a Head coaching position.

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This also makes speculate about Sask's two free agent LB's, Mo Lloyd and Anton Mckenzie. You have to figure signing with Hamilton becomes much more enticing with Hall here, of course it's all speculation right now.

And Richie would be coming to a better situation than Toronto.

Our team is young and going to be good over the next 5 years. Even if we struggle and fire MB, he would probably have first crack at the job.

We also may be able to squeeze their d-lineman of the year(2007) John Chick from them now! :rockin:

I'm thinkin' he'd be a better choice than Stubler.

This would be huge in my estimation.

According to this article by Perry Lefko, the Argos are very interested in former Rider head coach Danny Barrett as the new Argo head coach if they can convince him to make the move from his current job as offensive coordinator at the University of Buffalo:

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This could turn into a three-way competition between the Riders, the Ticats and the Argos for the services of defensive coordinator Richie Hall.

The Toronto Star has picked up the Richie Hall story:

Richie would be coming to a better situation than Hamilton by staying with the Riders.

You guys are talking like the Riders just fired him. According to sources, Richie is not at all happy with these rumours.

Hall not bolting Riders for Ti-Cats

Riders defensive co-ordinator Richie Hall confirms he met with Tiger-Cats
head coach

Rob Vanstone, Leader-Post
Published: Tuesday, November 18, 2008

REGINA -- People are jumping to conclusions about Richie Hall possibly jumping to the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

That is the word from Hall -- the Saskatchewan Roughriders' defensive co-ordinator -- in response to a report that he met with recently appointed Tiger-Cats head coach Marcel Bellefeuille over the weekend about joining that CFL team's coaching staff.

"I've talked to Marcel, but not about a job,'' Hall said Tuesday night.

Hall confirmed that he met with Bellefeuille, but that it was an informal, social visit that included general discussions about coaching philosophies. Hall and Bellefeuille became close friends while working together on former Roughriders head coach Danny Barrett's staff from 2001 to 2005.

Bellefeuille, a former Roughriders offensive co-ordinator, contacted Saskatchewan general manager Eric Tillman in advance of sitting down with Hall -- whose contract is to expire at the end of January.

"Marcel called and asked if he could visit with Richie, who, unlike the story says, is still very much under contract to our club,'' Tillman said. "I said no initially, but consented when I was given assurances this request was based on wanting to use an old and valued friend (Hall) as a resource in putting together his new staff.

"I was even told there was a very real possibility Denny Creehan would be returning as defensive co-ordinator of the Ti-Cats. Knowing that Marcel is a man of absolute integrity, I agreed to let them talk.''

Hall chuckled when asked whether he or the Tiger-Cats had paid for the excursion to Hamilton.

"Well, it was a little bit of both, but we didn't talk about a job, and that's what seems to be the conversation that I'm receiving now (after hearing media reports),'' Hall said. "I'm not in the position to talk about jobs.''

Hall added that he has met with Tillman and head coach Ken Miller about extending the contract beyond January. The 48-year-old Hall, who was a defensive halfback with the Roughriders from 1988 to 1991, has been a member of the team's coaching staff for 15 years -- including the past eight as defensive co-ordinator. He also served as assistant head coach during the latter portion of Barrett's seven-year tenure as the head coach.

"Richie has told me on multiple occasions, including today, how happy he is here,'' Tillman said. "Going straight to the bottom line, unless Richie is offered a head-coaching position, we fully expect him to be back with us in 2009.

"Sadly, however, this discussion has been totally distorted. It's Grey Cup rumour week, of course, and, hey, why let the truth get in the way of a good story?''

There are two head-coaching vacancies in the CFL -- with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and Toronto Argonauts.

Winnipeg has been looking for a head coach since Doug Berry was fired last week. Edmonton Eskimos receivers coach Mike Kelly, a former Bombers assistant, is widely considered to be the favourite to succeed Berry. The Argonauts' job opened up when Don Matthews stepped down one day after the regular-season finale.

Hall has been interviewed for at least five head-coaching positions in recent years.

Edmonton considered Hall after the 2004 season before hiring Danny Maciocia. Hall was also interviewed by Winnipeg three years ago before Berry was appointed. The Montreal Alouettes -- who are to play the visiting Calgary Stampeders in Sunday's Grey Cup -- chose Marc Trestman last December after interviewing a list of candidates that included Hall.

Additionally, Hall has twice been among the finalists for the Roughriders' head-coaching job, but those positions were given to Kent Austin (who coached Saskatchewan to the Grey Cup title in 2007) and Ken Miller (who succeeded Austin).

"I do have an interest in head coaching if a team is interested in me possibly coming on board,'' Hall said. "I know there are some vacancies right now and hopefully that situation happens. If it does, that's great. If it doesn't, that's great, too, because I enjoy what I do and I'm very blessed and very thankful to have a job that I like. It's coaching, and that's what I want to do right now.

"If I get the opportunity to be a head coach, then that's great. If not, then life goes on and I'll wake up the next day and I'll have a smile on my face and I'll still be the same Richie Hall.''

He better not be.

First I get the great news about Ireland retiring and then they go and rain on my parade with this little tidbit.

Hall is saying all the right things because he has to say the right things right now.

But you have to think a change of scenery might appeal to him after he was passed over for the Rider HC job last year. And he is good friends with Bellefuelle.

Ireland retired?????????????? Where did you hear this? This is the best news I have heard all year!

It would be amazing if we got Hall and Hall should leave Regina after being snubbed after all the hard work he put into rebuilding that pethetic team then they go and hire a guy who was there for 1 year. It was his defensive schemes that won the grey cup.

Also Tillman has no right to whine if we sign Hall, he's the goof who passed on him.

I really hope that is true, that man has serious anger issues to deal with lol

I guess it's back on the band wagon for Winnipegs DC the other Greg Marshall.
I've never seen so many fired or disgruntled coaches or free agents heading for Hamilton

the only way this makes sense is if

One: He is named Assistant Head Coach
Two: Since Obilovich is 70 years old, Hall gets a clause that if they promote Bellefeuille to GM or fire him he gets the HC position at x dollars.