Richie Hall named Defensive Coordinator

the news has just shown up on

I'm checking other sources right now.

[url=] ... ll_riders/[/url]

this is all I can find, so it's pretty fresh!

Woo hoo!!! Great news!!! :smiley:

Welcome home Richie!

Great news! Sorry to see Etch go but his schemes were hurting us in the end, after Chick and Baggs and Williams + Davis left we never really had the personeal to fufil what he set up in his schemes in defensive plays. Anyways this just makes me mad that Sportsnet has the news before the official site of our league... :roll:

A bit premature?

[url=] ... story.html[/url]

Wow.. Sportsnet sure has jumped the gun.. :roll:

Haha whoa!!! Now I know why it wasn't on lol but seriously you go to they have a whole right side of their page with news stories we just have the front page articles! Changes need to be made!

Would be nice to have Richie back. Wonder if his signing could get us a few “Stud” FA’s on the D side of the ball?

[url=] ... story.html[/url]

Should happen soon. Best regards to Richie Hall :thup:

Well I think, regardless of how this goes when the dust settles, that the Roughrider organization has been like the team itself this year, being in top form. Compared to how the other teams have been doing, Saskatchewan seems to have a pretty good handle on building its 2011 organzation and the management/all others involved deserve high praise for bringing this all together. I smell a cup this year! :smiley: