Richie Hall, Mike Wojcicki, Jordan Yantz and Dennis Relf joi

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So where is Richie going? He is a very smart defensive mind and from the interview sounds like he would give us the head coaching position to go back into coordinator?

Richie Hall to Hamilton, Greg Marshall to Edmonton.

I think george cortez will be the next esks head coach, hall will be the coach of the riders

That too, we shall see.The CFL is never boring that’s for sure :lol:

hell No! If he can't hack it out in Edmonton, why give him the job in Saskatchewan?

are you nuts?

Because you guys are now run by Brendan Taman :lol:

Doesn't mean anything.

Don't forget that Miller still has the power over Taman.

...if Kavis Reed becomes the next head coach of the esks..(and that looks like a good possibility )...Hall will be behind the Wpg. bench as dc. in 2011....take that to the bank :wink:

I dont even think Ken Miller is going to give up coaching this year.

It may not be his choice if he wants to stay though. Unfortunatewly if they don't make the cup I think he gets turfed

So Ken Miller, Vice-President of Football Operations is going to order Taman to fire himself as coach? I don't think so. Miller has already said that given the opportunity he would bring back Ritchie Hall.

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The board of directors can fire anyone if they choose, isn't that right?

Absolutely but the Board of Directors have nothing against Miller, they quite like the guy. It would be far more likely Miller getting rid of Taman and crew and bring in Ritchie.


The possibility of the board wanting to get rid of Ken Miller?

Im not joking I actually laughed very hard.

Unless of course BC or Edmonton takes Marshall or we outright fire him.Then we get Hall :slight_smile:

Doncha just love how every and any thread degrades into yet more rehashing of Rider this or Rider that? Bleh.

It was a great rougeradio show. I like these programs, though I do find them a bit long. Even so, great variety of content. And for me a bit of a personal bias towards the interview with Mike W from the Bears! 8)

Or he comes home to his favorite team. Sasky.

If you can't beat them (and you couldn't) then join them! :lol:

psst... we've beat them more than we've lost to them both historically and since I started following the league in the late 60s. And besides, I'd rather back a team that wins more GCs than I have fingers!

Now, do you have something to say about the show ... or not?

The show was great, just wanted to make sure I had something to say that was football related