Richie Hall In Montreal?

I guess Hall will get a interview for head coaching job in Montreal, sure would miss him if he left to go elsewhere but i think he deserves to be in more of the spotlight, good luck to where ever he goes if he leaves the Riders.

Im not very worried as the Al's are interviewing many people. However if Richie leaves, it will be unfortunate, not only is he a great coach but hes also one of the nicest guys around.

I'm not worried either! It's smart that Richie goes to the interview. After all it's an opportunity. Richie is a great coach. I just don't see a Richie Hall and a Jim Popp working all that well together. Maybe I'm just delusional as I'd really hate to see Richie Hall leave Saskatchewan.

Yea...not gonna happen. Ritchie will be Sask's D-coordinator next year. Why you ask? Because 2 Grey Cups are better than one!


Well, according to the homepage, the Als are now interviewing Higgins. I think he'd be more likely to get the job than Hall.

The Als have interviewed Richie Hall, Greg Marshall, Steve Buratto, Chris Jones, as well as Higgins. Anyone's guess who'll get it.

Marshall or Higgins.

I would put my money on Greg Marshall! He seems the most ambitious to become a head coach and I'm sure he had a good plan going into the interview. He'd probably also be the best in dealing with Jim Popp's massive ego.

I just don't see Richie Hall taking the position even if he's offered it as I think working under Popp, who has no say in the HC hiring process this turnaround would be very unpleasant.