Richest to Poorest ( Cash Flow and Profit)

Here is a link about the money owed to Young and how he can collect it. ... -1.2700354

Dewey Robertson. One of the most underrated of his time. I think he owned a gym in Burlington once upon a time

Dewey was originally from Kitchener but was a Hamilton fixture and ironically we both had the same doctor,I used to see him quite often in the waiting room. You're absolutely correct that Dewey was underrated and he was quite the character and in real life he was a very nice,soft spoken gentle giant of a man.

I work for a large International Construction Company and can tell you that "holdbacks" and court cases are a normal part of business (too common in my opinion ... but who cares what I think). I can tell you that there was probably a penalty in the contract for any lost games that were caused by the contractor missing deadlines (off schedule - this will be the Owners arguement). The other side being the contractor and their arguement will be that it was the _______ (insert the number of changes to the actual design) change orders that caused the delays (The change orders would be a result of "out of scope" or changes from the original construction/tender prints that are significant enough to cause a cost or schedule change - so basically the "owner made changes and that's why we're late").

So the process goes like this ... project is ending, Owner will not release the "hold back" as they feel they are due compensation due to a breach of ______ part of the contract. The Contractor feels that the owners changes resulted in ______ portion of the delays and as a result the penalty is not applicable. The lawyers get involved and either an out of court settlement is made or the judge looks at it and makes a ruling. We have several projects that have been completed for years and the final hold back (usually around 10 - 20% of contract value) is still pending. In the end both sides will not get what they are looking for (totally) but the matter will be settled.

Maybe a small (simplified) look into the construction industry, for those that may not be familiar with it.


I hate to admit it, but Bungle is right about Montreal. Montreal claimed to lose money, so the government can pay for the staduim upgrade. Bob during this season alone, picked up another 600,000 in consultants and coaches when the team was 1 and 7. A team that is losing money, does not do this. Montreal has the highest CORP support in the league at close to 6 million, Montreal has the highest ticket prices in the league at over 100 bucks per tickets and those high end sections are soldout every year. The anti CFL media in this country, just prints that Montreal loses money just to dig at the league, without really looking into the details. The point is this. With the new TV deal, and new staduims on line, the only team losing money now is T.O. The Riders did 40 MILLION in renvnue and claimed a 6 million profit. which means it cost them 34 million to run a CFL team, PLEASEEEEEEEE, much like EDM, they have fund buried all over the place. CFL teams can be run from 13 Million on the cheap to 17 million on the very high end

bahh humbug

it has been so long since the CFL and most teams have been a really good shape going forward financially. It may just e hard for some people to adjust.
Montreal had modeled ticket prices when there was just 20K, and now are adjusting with the boost in sponsors and better modern seating amenities.
Ottawa but together a 1st class professional business plan for the entire project and creating OSEG with 3 clubs under the bigger whole at the complex.
Hamilton the same with primary seating they never had before, Naming and sponsor rights to everything and anything.
All is well. Lets enjoy

Its all a pile of crap really... The CFL has a small time mentality that is holding it back.. The Saskatchewan Roughriders prove what a pile of crap this way of thinking is. Being too cheap to market and sell video games and social media to the next generation of fans is going to be the death of this league. The money is there, bit the league refuses to spend it.. It only cost 5 million dollars to develop a first class video game.. Im sure that enough games will sell to make back half of that money. In reality, the CFL could produce a world glass Madden style video game for less than 10% of one season's television revenues... The game would be updated every year and a reinvestment of a new game would be 5 years away...
No different with the Toronto stadium situation.. The league could get a 20 million dollar ten year loan. Then pay back 2 million a year or about 5% of the current TV contract. Probably alot less of the next TV contract with all of the new young fans that will suddenly be watching CFL football once it is perceived as being awesome after they played the world class video game
It is small thinking that has condemned this league to a slow painful death.. With an average fan base of 54 years old.. This league has only about 20 years left. The surge we seen since the nineties in popularity was simply the existing fan base ridding themselves of their children and having more disposable income.Now we are seeing the same fan base stay home and watch the game on TV, because they are old and want to be sleeping by 11pm and not stuck on city transit or driving home late at night.

I disagree with your assessment of the situation to some degree ... This past year alone, I introduced 6 new people to the CFL and of those 6, 4 are now going to be season ticket holders next year (bringing my little group up to 9 seats now). Only two of those people are over 50. I also have 4 grandsons (and I'm not over 50 myself) two of which are now old enough to start enjoying/understanding football. I have been taking my two oldest grandsons to Stampeder practices, guest appearances and I have been taking them to the U of C Dinos games (which are included in my Season Ticket package) so they can start to enjoy the game. Each of my grandsons now has an interest in football and look forward to the outings with Grandpa to go see the players or games.

Do I think a video game might help attract even more young fans to the game ... sure, but I don't think it's the only thing. More importantly to me are;

  1. Keeping the cost of the games reasonable so that families can attend
  2. Keeping up the community appearances
  3. CFL sponsoring things like the Nissan "Bring back the game" program
  4. The cross promotion of the CIS and junior football programs
  5. Keeping the league "accessable" to the people. As long as the players remain humble and fans continue to have or feel they have access to the players (can go get an autograph or a picture, can spend a few moments just talking to the players, etc), the league will continue to grow.
  6. continue to promote understanding of the game with the females. All of our wives (wives of our little season ticket holder group) are going to the "it's a snap" program this year and are going to have their own seats next year.
  7. I like the continued trend in having SEGs owning teams. Other than the continual move to more and more black in our uniforms and the continual rise in prices since the flames have taken over, there have been slow but steady improvements to the game day experience. Add to this that we now KNOW our team is solid financially (has solid backing) and things look very bright for us indeed.

For our area specifically, I hope they are going to look at a new stadium. Although I am one of the "Hardcores" that is in the stands regardless of the weather ... better seatting, amenities and possibly even a covered stadium (although I do believe the Grey Cup should be held outdoors in November - It is the Canadian game after all) to attract more concerts and the like to our city.

I think the CFL is "turning a corner" and prosperity will come to the league as a whole. I like the pace at which they are making changes (except the whole field of orange from this year). I think the league is becoming very strong and given a few more years will be VERY attractive to investors for current or future teams.

Just my thoughts.


Great assessment. I have been thinking and saying same and similar things. Pro sports is a business and the CFL has put in place a great model for their business and investors into the business side. CFL will not surpass the NHL as the top pro sport in Canada. CFL will not surpass the NFL as the top pro football league.
Being a continual growing second in both not too bad

CFL steve it is the MTS center for the Wpg Jets that is sold out with a waiting list not IGF stadium. The Bombers can only dream about playing for a professional organization such as that. If we can only get Chipman to buy the Bombers as well! Hmm. we might actually have a real football team winnipeg