Richest to Poorest ( Cash Flow and Profit)

Profits.... Having actual profits year after year (does not include hiding money by hiring your useless sons... Yes you Bob)

  Winnipeg ( crippling stadium debt)

Cash Flow

   Winnipeg  ( Winnipeg could vault to the top of this list, if they keep defaulting on their obligations and become government owned)

Does it include investing money in this forum to give you a voice?

I believe Bungle is referring to Bob Wetenhall.

It's a moot point. Why insult someone's kids?

Calgary's flow now goes through the bigger Flames LP as part of a bigger whole.
Ottawa the same with its holdings being everything under OSEG management and ownership.
Other models are emerging than the one man owner like Braley.

...or his wife :wink: then claim he's losing money. Or the community owned team that puts their profits into investments then uses the losses of those investments to help drive down football profits to claim only a $500,000 profit after hosting a Grey Cup

Anyways... This thread was not meant to trash Wetenhall.. I was simply justifing putting Montreal so high on both lists.
So to try to have a legit convo.. Does anyone disagree with the order of this list?

order doesn't matter, only is anyone actually making money consistently.

so far, this century, are any teams not in the red.

Fair enough. My bad. Now I understand what you are getting at. I thought you were just bad mouthing his kids. My apologies.

How could Hamilton have made any money while playing 4 games in front of 6k at McMaster Uni and then another 3 games at THF with only 18k seats?

link ?

No link.. This is sheerly speculation... The thread was inspired from the thread joking about the Esks being broke.. I was just trying to gauge how well financially these teams did this last season and into the future.
You see MikeM.. Bob Young got A 1 million dollar penalty to paid to him for each game that was played at Ron Joyce. The fines alone almost covered his entire player payroll. I asked on here before if he recieved the whole 1 million for the games when only 18000 fans were allowed in the stadium, or if he just got a pro rated amount of money. Nobody seems to know, but it it seems to be logical that he would of gotten a quarter of a million for each one of those games. So young probably generated a cool 10-12 million n just ticket revenues and fines this season.. Throw in sponsorship and TV money and he generated 20 million dollars this season... We know the player costs are minimal, so it ends up coming down to if you hide your money like e Riders and Als. Both of those franchises spend 2-3 times more on marketing and administration then they do on actual costs. The Riders do this because they dont want to have to pay for their own stadium ( they could do it, or atleast pay for half if they had to) Wetenhall, hides his money, by hiring his dog and hamster, and every other member of his family as an employee. He does this to not pay taxes on his profits, and to appease the other owners, by pretending to lose money, they can point at Montreal and keep the CFL in the dark ages.

The new stadiums in Ottawa and Hamilton were built with a capacity and number of premium seating options that if sold teams will turn a profit. Caretaker may have taken some big hits in the wallet pre THF but should be turning a profit from here on out.
Montreal as well were turning profits when they had the max seating at 20K plus. Now with expansion and premium seating upgrades, although they are not selling out, they are still brining in a higher avg attendance and more premium seats sold. Montreal as well should be turning more profits than before.
I am not sure what Winnipeg has happening with a larger and more costly IGF. They do however have all of their premium seating sold out with a waiting list. (I could be wrong on that. if so let me know.
Edmonton and Calgary are seeing lower attendance but have added more premium seating options aside from suites. Patio, field club, etc. Not sure that means that they are turning profits on each game or not.

Montreal did have a very poor turnout for its first playoff game at McGill in well over a decade. Correct me if I am wrong but the League owns the rights to each playoff game. The home team can buy the rights from the league. Did Montreal buy the rights to the East semi? or did they allow the league to keep the rights. If the latter than Als neither make nor lose profit.

threads like this are ridiculous.

Mods need to get on top of this.

the thread title implies that this thread is based on fact not opinion. if every poster started a thread based on their opinion the board would explode

bob young hasn't received any of that 1 million $ a game money by the way.

its going through the courts


time for bobo to post a pic of the missing link. I bet its name is bungle :stuck_out_tongue:

That's correct, Bob Young received any money yet. It's not going through a court case, the IO is holding back payment to the contractor and then when the stadium is finally finished (spring?) There are no contractual late penalties just money withheld to the contractor.

[url=] ... d-payment/[/url]

Well since you asked :wink:

The builder of a delayed Pan Am stadium faces millions in legal claims over lost football revenue — but no contractual late penalties, aside from withheld payments.

President Scott Mitchell said Tuesday the Ticats will use “every remedy available,” including litigation,to recover losses due to two cancelled home games in July. The venue for an August game is also uncertain.

[url=] ... d-payment/[/url][

legal claims, litigation due to cancelled home games. aka the courts for lost revenue