I was watching the game in a bar with no sound. What happned to him? He is the best reciever on the team, and was going to have his break out season! I hope he is alright.

Riderville says a he suffered a dislocated foot which may require surgery to repair.....

Sounds pretty serious, don't think we will see him again this year. Our receiver corp is still stronger than it has ever been. In the last 10 years that is.

We got Armstead, Dominguez, French and Grant. Those are all good recievers plus we got Hathaway for Tight-end and the rookie for another receiver Richardson will be missed but i think we'll be ok.

we need to put fantuz in there

Hope Richardson is not out for the season because he has been playing great but hopefully we see Breeden. The plays he was running in preseason looks like the plays we run with Armstead. He is just a taller version I think. Get well soon Richardson.