When Richarsdon gets back form that injury which reciever is gonna sit so he could play Armstead Murphy Dominguez or fantuz

Most likely murphy or fantuz. I hope it isn't fantuz because he is my favourite player on the team, but the way jamel was playing when he got injured he deserves to be a starter.

Bracey is the likely guy to come off the roster for Richardson (unless you take a guy off defense), and then we go with 4 import receivers. Fantuz is the 5th receiver most of the time, but likely all the receivers will still get some playing time, with Armstead and Grant now our kick returners, they will both play less at receiver.

I'd swicth Richardson in and out with Armstead / Yo / Dominguez... And I do agree, it is likely Bracey comes off the active roster for Richardson. As KK has been doing very well.

I think it would be dumb not to job share richardson with the other import receivers. Unless one set of recievers worked so well ( in game situation ) that it would be jump plane stupid not to have that lineup.

The GREAT Fantuz, should not be left out of the lineup.

I'm sure there's a lot of options of guys to move around. Isn't Dorsey still on the roster?

We shouldn't have to take out any of our receivers once Richardson comes back so don't worry about Fantuz going anywhere.

There is no way that they will sit Bracey. They already had to sit Dorsey to get Murphy on the field and they won't go with just one running back.

I dont see them realistically sitting any reciever, Matt D and Jason armstead obviously are locks to start. Andy Fantuz isnt going anywhere. Yo Murphy i believe is kinda like a rental for this year, they arent gonna bench him, especially after the game he had. Maybe Corey Grant gets deactivated and they put someone else back there with Armstead?

they were talking on the rider round table what a core we got now Armstead, murphy , domingez, fantuz,

get rid of either french or grant

Both French and Grant are non-imports, which brings other changes if one or both are out....what other changes do you make to accommodate?

People seem constantly not to grasp the difficulties of sitting a Canadian player so an American can play.
You can't deactivate Cory Grant or Jason French to get Richardson on the Roster.
It will either be Yo Murphy, Bracey, or someone off defence.
The possibility is there that Richardson won't play.
Remember, this is the Hopson/Tillman show now, and Hopson doesn't like those "bad boys" that Roy brought in, and Richardson is one of those. Plus he will be a free agent in the off-season.
We didn't pursue Armstrong because he will try the NFL again next year.
Well, guess what, Richardson wants to try the NFL also.
2+2=Richardson may not be in Tillman's plans.
Plus, how healthy is he?
If it were me, I'd get him on the roster as soon as possible, but it may not happen.

Not a chance that JRich once health doesnt make it back into the lineup. I can see his role being a little less with Murphy around.

Likely his roster spot will come from the defensive side adding Gordon in place of some import or possibly Fleiszer in place of Epps.

I strongly doubt (as i previously stated) that they will deactivate Yo Murphy. They would not have signed the man if they were gonna just let him sit on the bench...

Epps could be the guy to sit...especially with Fleiser in the mix...might have been why they signed him....