Richardson........worth keeping?

So, the title says it all. I realize that he didn't have many touches but I think the Riders could do better with what we have already. Richardson seemed not mentally focused. I'm actually tired of these Chris Jones NFL dropout projects.

You need to give the guy another game, I don't think he is anything special, but you never know!!

How long is Marshall out?

He showed exactly as he did I'm the NFL. I doubt we see anything different from him next week. I wouldn't have signed him in the first place, but it likely wont be a 1 n done for him

Marshall is likely good for the next game...he was close for this one...but I would anticipate he sits one more week and does the full 6 at this point

As far as Richardson...hard to say much on 5 touches...RBs need more activity than that to be evaluated. I thought his blocking was great, especially for his first game....that is pretty important.

Difference is Richardson can be a bit of a bruiser with good ball control. that is something the team lacks.

Agreed Depop, and definitely hasn't had the touches to even begin to feel the rhythm or be evaluated properly...imo

Good thing you're not making these decisions then because Jones has got this team turned around. You don't know unless you try and with the Riders packing NMS and interest very high now is the time to keep turning over some new rocks.

To answer the OP’s question, yes he’s worth keeping. He’s a big bruising back. Keep in mind he’s hardly taken any contact in 2 or 3 years so he was eased into a bit last week. From what I saw he was gaining 2 or 3 yards after contact and was quick in hitting the hole. Give him more carries and more time to adjust and he will be fine.

It was a breath of fresh air to know on second and two a couple times this would be a first down. With LaFrance, though he had a good last drive, it’s anyone’s guess if he gets the first in that scenario or gets stuffed for a loss. At least with Richardson being a stronger back, he can fight for those yards even when the opposition stacks the box.

it would be hasty to dispose of him right now.

let him play some football and make a decision then.

I agree give the guy a chance to look at the play book , i’m Sure he’ll do ok , he got thrown in without any time to see how the team works. , give him at least a couple of games, maybe could be a big help towards the last few games, or in case injuries, never know.

Well said
And come cold weather....that is a pretty big deal to have

Is he worth keeping, absolutely.
I like what I saw in the limited touches that he had, but lets be honest, for a guy who hasn't had a meaningful snap since 2014, with the Indianapolis Colts, its only fair to say that he needs practice reps and a training camp under his belt before a true assessment can be made,

In all liklihood? Probably. At the same time until we get Marshall back it's really not hurting us to have this guy on the roster right now. Other then that last drive in the last game LaFrance wasn't really cutting it and believe me I always like to see Canadian players achieve.

I’m sure with a week or 2 under his belt he will be much better, unless marshal is back.

It doesn't hurt us to keep him and see what he can do heading into playoffs