Richardson - the new Cahoon

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Jamel sits fourth in the league in receiving yards. Through 15 games, he has 88 catches for 1120 yards and 7 TDs. He’s also near the top of the league in second-down conversions. But the most astonishing part of Jamel’s season is the fact that his average yards per catch (12.7) is substantially lower than that of anyone in the Top 10 except Dave Stala (12.4). Yet his average yards per game (74.7) is right up there in the Top 10 despite the fact that Anthony spreads the ball around the offense and doesn’t usually like to lock into one receiver – we are the only team in the league to have 6 receivers in the Top 30 in total yardage (Richardson, Watkins, Green, Cahoon, Bratton, Cobourne).

To put it in perspective, Andy Fantuz’s YPC is over three yards higher than Richardson’s but Fantuz only has 38 more actual yards on the season than Richardson. What this tells me is that Jamel has piled up a ton of yardage this season playing close to the LOS. He’s making tough catches often in the short and low intermediate range but making them often enough that his total yardage reflects his production, even though his average yards per catch is low.

So what’s the verdict? Despite the occasional drop, Jamel is having an outstanding year, having become our go-to possession receiver in key second-down situations. He’s the guy who’ll likely get the ball on second down even when everyone in the building knows it’s coming. It’s not a glory position, and it doesn’t call for too many deep routes, so he doesn’t get the hotdog TD stats and the jump-ball highlight reels that often, but he has gradually become what Ben Cahoon was to this offense a few years ago: the glue that holds our passing attack together.

With Richardson and Green as our slot receivers, I’m confident our passing attack will remain consistently strong for years to come, no matter who’s taking snaps.

Please don't interpret my post as an insult to Cahoon. Ben is a future Hall of Famer and it's been a privilege to watch him work over the past decade. But it's clear to me now that Jamel has taken over Ben's role as the dependable possession slotback, and he's doing a great job. He doesn't have Ben's hands -- who does? -- but his size, strength, and quickness allow him to make those same tough catches.

Richardson est un receveur qui évolue constamment, et s'acquitte très bien du rôle qui lui est confié, quel qu'il soit. Il a son propre style. Ce n'est pas le gars qui va faire des attrapés Cahoonesques!, mais il est fiable. Il est un gars qui démarre lentement (on l'a vu en échapper plusieurs faciles en début de saison) mais qui finit en force. Il trouve toujours le moyen de surmonter ses difficultés et revenir encore meilleur. Sa grande évolution cette année : il attrape plus de passes même s'il est au milieu d'une couverture serrée. Sur les longs jeux (qui lui étaient plus souvent attribués dans les années passées), on a vu plus de S.J. Green, alors que Richardons s'est vu donné le rôle plus ingrat mais plus important de garder l'offensive en vie.

C'est un autre coup de génie de Popp que d'être allé le chercher en Saskatchewan. Imaginez comment Durant saliverait de l'avoir dans son arsenal!

Nous sommes chanceux de pouvoir voir évoluer ce receveur avec notre équipe.

Vas-y, Jamel!

While there's no question Jamel's come a long way
and he's been tearing up the league this year.
He's been great on second downs and it's great to have a big target out there

It's also true that both he and SJ Green and Kerry Watkins have had the "dropsies" on a regular basis.
And while Ben Cahoon has uncharacteristically dropped a few this year too
No one would have noticed...but that it's Ben Cahoon.
That's one thing...
Richardson has a long way to go to match Ben in consistancy

But the other "Cahoonism" is the spectacular catch...and everyone knows what I'm talking about
I've never seen Richardson do anything approaching that kind of Cahoon miracle catch.
In fact...only SJ Green has come close...and perhaps for that one shining moment against Saskatchewan in week one...
actually surpassed the master.

Calvillo would be wise to go to Ben when it counts...
when we absolutely must have a first down.
No one does it better...or ever will.